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    Default Club MoBay?

    I arrive at 12:30pm on a Sunday in July. Club MoBay or no? Departure at 4pm on a Thursday. What do you think?

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    We arrive on a Saturday in July and have purchased both arrival and departure package. For us it's just insurance...nice to have if the lines are 2 hours long!

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    Welcome to Couples,

    I actually track the number of flights going into Sangster International Airport. However I only do detailed tracking around the times we travel to Jamaica. Other days I only track the total daily flights.

    Last year Sundays in July averaged 45 flights per day. This is slightly above the overall average number of flights per day. In very general terms the airport is most busy from about noon until about 3 PM local time. For us this would be enough for us to consider the Club Mobay arrival package. You may save some time but not a lot. In our experience Club Mobay can get us from the aircraft door to the Couples Lounge in the arrival terminal in about 15 minutes even on the busiest days. About half of this time is waiting for our luggage.

    The departure service is different. Couples will get you to the airport in plenty of time to make your flight, even on the busiest days so this isn't an issue. What we like about the departure service is having a nice lounge to wait for our flight. We get a snack and maybe a couple of drinks, which are included. They have a secure place to keep your carry on luggage if you decide to cruise the shops in the terminal. The departure service is less expensive than the arrival service. One last opportunity to pamper yourselves before leaving paradise and returning to the real world.

    So this comes down to a judgement call that only you can make.

    Full disclosure. Why we are fans of Club Mobay. We usually travel during peak tourist season, mid February. There was one time before Club Mobay when we arrived on a Saturday afternoon which is about as busy as Sangster International Airport gets, about 75 flights per day, at the busiest time of the day. We really stood in line for nearly 3 hours to process Immigrations and Customs. An eternity knowing what was waiting on the other side. Since then we always use Club Mobay. There were trips where the arrival service only saved us a few minutes. But we consider this insurance to make sure this won't happen again.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise
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    I would not get Mobay on a Sunday arrival. Just me.

    Life is good

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    Thank you all!

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    Bottom line . . . it's impossible to predict. Flights can be delayed or arrive early so what the schedule shows may not be accurate. We came mid-afternoon on a Friday and no one was there except our flight. Other times, the line has extended from (literally) our plane to customs -- probably 2-3 hours.

    We now always do Club MoBay b/c we don't want to take the chance of spending the first 3 hours of our vacation in a line. And we recognize that we might be "wasting" our money -- for us, the peace of mind is worth it. It may not be for everyone.

    Club MoBay is like insurance. Most of the time, you don't need it. But when you do, it's great to have it.

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    Last October we landed around 3. The place packed and immigration line was going up the ramp. We breezed right on by! Priceless ����

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misty1212 View Post
    I arrive at 12:30pm on a Sunday in July. Club MoBay or no? Departure at 4pm on a Thursday. What do you think?
    I don't even think about it anymore. I book Club Mobay as soon as I have my flights. It's too easy! It takes all the worry and guess work out of the equation. I'm not a gambler and I like the rock star treatment. It's just part of the trip costs. Not that much more. In my opinion, it's well worth it.
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    We just got home yesterday from our 4th trip to Jamaica and our 1st using the Club Mobay arrival service. Our previous 3 times we have had no problem breezing through customs and yet with reading some horror stories, we decided to purchase the arrival service.

    The Mobay service probably saved us 10-15 minutes tops, there was not long lines to get through customs but we did have a dedicated line and there were a couple times where people were standing around and our guide just pushed right past them and we advanced right to the customs window.

    It was nice to have someone look at our customs forms even though we're capable of filling them out properly.

    Once we got through customs, we went to the couples lounge to check in and drop our luggage. After that, our guide took us over to the MoBay lounge where there were many more options to drink and also finger foods which my wife enjoyed. We were told a 20-min wait for the bus at the couples lounge and at that point, the couples staff member came and got us at the MoBay lounge and we were on our way.

    We did use the departure lounge on the way home but I have the Priority Pass so we got free access to that. We were there around 10:30 for a 12:30 flight and the line for security was non-existant. I would think this would be more valuable for the 2:30ish flights. The departure lounge was very nice...had televisions, food, full bar and they would hold your luggage if you wanted to walk around the airport or get some food at another place. It was a lot more comfortable than sitting in the airport and the wifi was very good there too.

    I would definitely do the arrival service again even though we've been 4/4 on no lines at customs. It was nice to have the guide, it's insurance against a huge backup at the start of your trip and the Mobay lounge is much better than the Couples Lounge (sorry couples).

    The departure lounge would be hit and miss to me, I was happy to use it for free but I'm not sure that I would pay because I don't mind sitting in the airport.

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