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    Default Swept Away construction?

    The question has been asked on the main board, and there seems to be some confusion. It seems that there are reports of construction at SweptAway that seems (from recent visitor reports) to be located in "the middle" area of the resort. The reports even suggest that it is significant enough to warrant the use of barrier screens our walls to keep out traffic.

    Can you provide us with some information on this, including the extent, intensity and schedule for completion? Heavy connection will have a bearing on booking for us... no info, no booking.

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    I wish than management would chime in to let us know what to expect in the coming months. I don't want to spend that much money to hear and see construction all day. That will certainly take away from what I love about CSA.
    Mary Ann

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    I'll just add that we were there in October. They were working on older garden and atriums I think. There were barrier screens up to keep people out of harms way. The Palms kitchen was under construction so there were limited hours and since has been finished.
    We personally never heard much noise at all. The summer and fall is when they do repairs and renovations because of lower occupancy and I am positive there will be minimal impact to guests. Btw, they put the screens up so you don't see the construction. I would go and enjoy, plus there are less people so easy to get reservations and plent of chairs and lots of room on the beach.

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    Well, today I took a look at the new Summer Specials... and low and behold, our favorite category (Atrium) isn't even available for the last full week of October. While its possible that they are ALL booked, its probably not likely... Is it possible that there are that many are out of commission due to construction? Oh well... maybe next year.

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    Default CSA Construction

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    We were there late August and there was a significant amount of construction. They kept things tarped as best they could but there was a large block of rooms unavailable and it did get pretty noisy at times. When we brought it up it was not well received and they seemed to think we were just complainers, a little disappointing overall and I feel they should have let the tour company know so we could have made an informaed choice to stay during that much construction. That being said I would expect they have completed the majority by now.

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