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    Default Question on Seafood at CSA....

    Hi All-

    First timer to the Island and Couples.....

    My wife and I love seafood - more specifically lobster, crab, shrimp, scallops...

    What can we expect and/or anticipate at CSA as far as the restaurants go in the seafood area?

    Any experienced CSA'ers that can give us a heads up on what is offered, which restaurant, and where is best?

    Appreciate it-

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    Bob is allergic to fish, but can eat crustaceans(go figure). In three trips to CSA, he has always found seafood to eat. Of course, lobster night is Saturday night (in season), and all of the restaurants will serve lobster (we had it broiled at the Palms on our last trip). I don't recall seeing crab legs or scallops, but there were quite a few shrimp dishes. Having said all that, fish is much more prevalent at CSA than seafood. There is fish available at almost every meal (including breakfast!). Love that ackee and saltfish.

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    I was just at CSA and to be honest I thought there would be much more seafood then there was. Only maybe one dish or two at lunch and dinner it all depended on their theme they had at the time. Monday night was the best for seafood, was disappointed in the beach party thought they would really have a lot but maybe its not in season. trust me I LOOKED. At sea grapes you can get Fish Tacos which are REALLY good, try that, I had that and sushi almost everyother day there.

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