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    Default Why does it take so long for a post to show?

    It is nearly impossible to carry on a conversation through the message board when it only updates a couple times a day. So post update faster than others, just would like to be clear as to why.

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    Hi Richie G,

    Please accept our apologies for any delays you perceive with regards to the updating of the board. Unfortunately, the MB requires someone to read and approve posts prior to them being visible to all. This is however done by me at least 4 times or more per day (weekdays) and on weekends at least 1-2 times.

    We hope you understand our procedure and thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

    Michelle G
    Michelle Gordon
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    I personally prefer this moderated message board. Have you ever been on an unmoderated board? Here's what happens. You post a comment or a question. In a matter of hours your post is buried in hundreds of unrelated post containing political rants, insults, posts selling things like time shares, snake oil, porn, concoctions promising to enhance certain body parts or improve sexual performance. This makes it nearly impossible to give or receive any meaningful information. Be careful what you wish for. If this message board was made to be unmoderated it would quickly fill with garbage, people would quickly lose interest, and it would go away.

    Michelle is our gatekeeper. She does a fantastic job. Also, this is an additional duty, not her full time job. She also deserves a day off every now and then.

    Moderated message boards are intended for more casual communication when you are able to wait for a response. They don't work well when you want or need an immediate response. However, Couples has this covered also. If you need an immediate response just look at the upper right hand corner of every page on this message board and you will find a link marked Contact. You could always pick up the telephone and call their toll free number. On the main Couples website you will find a link marked Live Chat. This could also be used if you need or want an immediate response.
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    I like the moderated message board also, and I have plenty of time. Not going until 1.31.18 but I ask a question 3 days ago about a sunset cruise at CSS and it hasn't hit the board yet?! For folks that have a much shorter window I see where this could be irritating.

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    Michelle G.

    First of all, "Thank you" for all your hard work on the message board. As we get ready to head back "Home", "I always check the message board daily. I am just curious, it appears that since about Oct. 20th, there has been any posting in the main message board or couples Negril meet up. Hopefully, this is due to you taking some much needed time off or just trying to balance the work load. Please know that I understand that you are doing other things than this message board, I just noticed that things are not being posted lately and wanted to see if this was something on our part that we were getting the updates. Thank you for all of your help and taking care of us visitors.

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