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    Default royalton No Impact on AU Naturel at CN

    Just returned from 2 weeks in Negril Couples The royalton is open but found no difference in beach traffic past the Au Natural beach as when the lido was there . NO WORRIES!!!!

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    What was the clientele on the Royalton beach right next to the CN A/N beach like -- mainly adults, families, mix?


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    Awesome to hear. Headed down for first time on 5/31/17

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    A few adults and families in the water next to AN, but that is the HIGH end of the Royalton, butler service etc.. Most families are by the pools and there is one big pool for children that has a slide and a giant cup that dumps water every few minutes .

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    Thanks for the heads up Adele! Michele and I get to come back home in 5 more sleeps.

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