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    Default CN - Second visit questions!


    We visited CN in 2015 and stayed in one of the beachfront suites. We had a glorious time, loved the vibe and the resort. The one problem we had is that room service was a bit of an issue. At that time, the room service menu stated you needed to order a day in advance, even for evening meals, and the room service hours ended at 10pm, about the same time most of the restaurants closed. This wouldn't ordinarily be a problem, but we are both night owls and some nights we'd start to get hungry later in the evening and by then everything was closed. We didn't necessarily know we'd have this issue from day to day, so ordering a meal a day in advance didn't make much sense for us. The restaurant that was supposedly open till the wee hours was never actually open past 10pm, there was usually just a small selection of stale chips and random condiments out on the self-serve area. We ended up going fairly hungry a few nights.

    I'm working on planning our honeymoon for March 2018, and we're thinking we'd just rather go back to CN than try someplace new, but this concern did give us a little pause. I noticed though that the website now says that room service is available until 11pm, so I'm curious if anyone has stayed at CN recently and utilized the room service option for evening meals. Did you still have to order it a day in advance? Was the menu expanded any? Last time there were only 2-3 options on the evening menu. We're planning to stay in the beachfront suite again, if that matters.

    In the end it mostly makes the difference between ordering room service on the fly and ordering extra food earlier in the evening to take back to the room with us for later- not a major issue but I'd like to know in advance

    Any other cool new stuff we should know about at CN since our last visit? We're starting to get really excited!


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    Stay at CSA where you can get late night munchies at all hours at Cabana grill ��

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    Soft is on the money...Swept Away. Food as late as you want it.

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    Our experience at CN is different than the OP. We have been able to get food late at night at CN. The beach grill re-opens at 11pm, after the dinner restaurants close. We have not done it often since we tend to have dinner later in the evening. But I do remember getting a late night snack from the grill on one of our recent visits.

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    We are night owls at times. The grill at CN is open from 11pm until 5am. You sometimes need to find the cook on duty. They have burgers, fries, onion rings, jerk chicken etc. The late night menu is very similar to the lunch menu. The latest I have had hot food is 3:30. We always have at least 1 late night meal in the 6 times we have been there. If you do not see the cook ask and someone will find them. We keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge for those late night snacks out of the balcony listening to the tree frogs.
    Terry & Lynne

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    Mike@Debbie: Oh that's great! At the time I figured, since the restaurant hours on the website had said they were open till 5am, that we'd just had a couple of unlucky nights when it was closed for some reason or another, but it's hard to tell if that's a regular thing or not when we don't get to visit every year. When did you visit last? Is there anything new/different there?

    While I appreciate the input from the CSA folks, we don't have any interest in staying at CSA this time around, just a matter of personal preference

    I also wondered - we went in late June/early July back in 2015 and the humidity almost keeled me over. We live in Texas, but the heat and humidity in Jamaica at that time seemed even more oppressive than at home. I'm particularly sensitive to it, so I try to take as many precautions as possible. Should I expect it to be just as humid in late March?

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    Cuddlekins, We have been at CN each October since 2013. We will be back in about 60 days. Regarding the humidity, we have always been fairly comfortable at CN at that time of year. We did visit Montego Bay in July of '12 and it was really uncomfortable in the evenings. The breeze during the day would keep us cool enough, but it would just die in the evenings. And it became very sticky. Negril is a different place, and it's a different time of year. March is not the rainy season so humidity should be somewhat lower. But I think it is mostly about the breeze.

    One more item regarding room service that I don't think has been mentioned yet. The evening room service is only available in the suites. For regular rooms there is only a continental breakfast option.

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    Like others have said Heliconia turns back into a grill from 10-5am. The late night menu is a stripped down version of the lunchtime menu. We were just there in July and had a couple of meals at the late night grill, it's always been open each stay for us going back to 2013. Probably the latest we've every hit it up was 1-2 a.m. so later the chef might be sitting as I imagine he or she goes long stretches without seeing anyone. No pizza or patties at the late night grill are two things I remember and I thought no onion rings only fries but I could be wrong about that one.

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