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    Default Construction at CSA

    I am concerned about the comments on FB regarding construction. Right now I hear the path to walk from one side of the resort to the other through the gardens is blocked. That is one of our favorite things to do. I also hear the Cabana Grill is now in Patios. Another favorite having lunch on the beach not in a restaurant. We have a BFVS. Are those rooms up for renovation? Does anyone know what construction will be going on in September? We will be there from the 15th to the 24th but if there is construction going on we many want to cancel. We took out the insurance. I am also upset that when I booked directly through Couples for us and another couple, I was not told about the construction Seeing construction every day, for us, will certainly take away from the beautiful setting we are going for.
    Mary Ann

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    We were there last August while refurbishment was going on and it did take away from the experience for us. I emailed Couples directly a few months ago about possible construction again this summer and was told there will be some but at that time the dates of start or completion weren't know. Would love some official word on this since I"m really missing CSA and want to get back soon! And on a side note...I"ve tried twice to get accepted to the closed Facebook group and they don't seem to want me.. Just made my 3rd attempt. Is there a secret password or something...haha

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    We were there last October and in no way did it interfere with our vacation. 1 path around a couple buildings was closed, we just took another path. I can understand your frustration but go with the flow. We were still able to get all the food we love although at a different place. It was fine. Occupancy was down so we had no problems getting in anywhere.
    They do these projects during the summer when occupancy is lower. Thats the chance you take and I commend couples for making improvements. I've read many complaints that things are rundown. Well, they are doing something about it and the place is getting the attention it needs. Go and have an awesome time ��

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    Does anyone know what is going on right now? We will be there the first week of July so we're on about a 2 week countdown. Not that any of it stands a chance at making or breaking the deal for us, I'm just curious.

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    Probably won't be done, but shouldn't be a problem. You won't even notice it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
    Does anyone know what is going on right now? We will be there the first week of July so we're on about a 2 week countdown. Not that any of it stands a chance at making or breaking the deal for us, I'm just curious.
    I can only assume they are beginning the expansion on that side of the resort. We too will be arriving in next month but 2nd week of July. I do remember Karen stating they were in a process of getting plans approved for building new rooms and possibility of a new restaurant. It had been talked about during our repeater's dinner from our last visit to CSA in July 2016. Whether they are doing both I guess we will find out soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by welovecouplesresorts View Post
    I can only assume they are beginning the expansion on that side of the resort. We too will be arriving in next month but 2nd week of July. I do remember Karen stating they were in a process of getting plans approved for building new rooms and possibility of a new restaurant. It had been talked about during our repeater's dinner from our last visit to CSA in July 2016. Whether they are doing both I guess we will find out soon.
    You're probably right. They purchased the Donaldson property last year and our understanding was that there was the intention to add a row of accommodations there... Don't know if that means more rooms, restaurants, or what. If that's the case, construction will be as far from existing accommodations (other than the Great House complex) as you can get.

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    Not sure if there is the additional construction that has been mentioned here, but what I was told is that they are refurbishing parts of the "original section". Last year when we were there they were doing the side between the lobby and the Palms restaurant. Im assuming they are now doing the side closer to the "newer section". Really wish someone from management would chime in here.

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    We just just returned from our honeymoon. We stayed at CSA june 11-16. They are renovating a large portion of the buildings. There is a black tarp wall blocking off I'm guessing half the buildings in the center of the resort. Drilling can be heard throughout the day from about anywhere on the property. You can still walk from end to end on the outside, just cannot walk around the buildings they are working on. There are also construction workers going in and out of the area, bringing in building supplies ect.

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    so much for my intuitive guesses-LOL. When I read comments of the Grill now being in Patois I only assumed it was expansion being started since that was the side which was noted where they would start the new constructions

    Thanks Kendrick&Leanna for the update & also some clarification on the current construction. Any other recent CSA traveller's now back home with updates on the CSA construction is greatly appreciated.

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    Thanks for the first hand info.Thats what was going on the other side of that section when we were there last summer. Since we are "Atrium dwellers" , the construction noise is what took away from the experience for us. Didn't mind not having the Palms for meals ,or not being able to walk the whole property ,but not being able to relax on our Atrium porch during construction hours without hearing jackhammers etc.. was disappointing.

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    We started our long relationship with CSA in 2005. At that time much of the "new" section was still under construction. I remember the black tarp very well from those days. The Great House was still in planning stages. We also were at CSA during the construction of the Great House. I don't recall any of the construction being an issue with detracting from our enjoyment of CSA in the least.
    We are headed back in July and we are actually looking forward to checking out the construction and progress with the new stuff. We have another trip scheduled for December. Should be interesting to see where things are at that time.

    My advice is to not sweat it. Enjoy Jamaica!!
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    dirtleg, I remember those days as well... but that was different. Couples, at that time, was developing that whole stretch of what we called "South Beach", which was well away from the "original" resort. That was major; it doubled the size of the resort, but it was easy to avoid and didn't affect operations in the rest of the resort. Some indications now are that the current construction, or refurb, our whatever is going on, is gob-smack in the middle of the resort. I feel it would be a courtesy (if this is the case) on Couples part to communicate to us what's going on here for a number of reasons... for accommodation type preference, timing, dining option accessibility, and other planning issues. I've tried every avenue but direct email to Ms KL and cannot get an answer. That's just not good customer relations.

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    Well, today the new Summer Specials came out, and I tried pricing our favorite room category (Atrium), and there are none available... in late October. I don't want to sound clairvoyant, but that's a bit curious to me, and MAY confirm some of the comments about how extensive the construction scope MIGHT be. Of course, that IS speculation on my part, but again, the lack of comment by Couples on this issue makes me wonder...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    It's my understanding that the 'construction' in the middle of the resort is remodel work on atrium and garden suites in the old section. If that is the case the work has actually been ongoing for a year or more. They only work a couple buildings at a time. I seriously don't think it should affect your stay at CSA, but that is my opinion. I hope that you hear something from Couples to get an adequate answer to your concerns. We will be there in a couple weeks and I will make a point to report on this thread on what I am able to discern about the impact of the construction work, wherever it may be taking place.
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    I had a discussion with management in March and they said that all be beachfront suites and premier beachfront suites were being remodeled except for one. There was one PBFS that was remodeled when the atriums were redone. They didn't know for sure when the work would be finished. I was also told that the new section by Patois was currently staff housing and that it was going to eventually be additional rooms for guests. I also understand that the sidewalk along he beach will be replaced. We are leaning more towards CN this next trip.

    Life is good

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    Here's the recent status of happenings. We've been here since Monday.

    Room renovations are going on in most premiers and beachfront suites and about half the atrium and garden rooms. A large area is blocked off on the southern side of the original section. Everything between the front lobby and new section is closed off. The beach path and the path closest to the road behind the garden rooms are the only ones that you can use to cross through this area. Construction and demolition noise can be heard everywhere throughout the day, but we don't find it too intrusive except for at the sunset bar or if you set up on the beach right next to it. Although those staying on the northside of the new section may disagree as they're right next to it.

    With so many rooms closed, occupancy is way down. The net result is much less activity and crowds on the beaches, pools, bars and restaurants, which is nice. Finding a place to lounge is no problem, but you can still expect many people to claim but rarely use some of the best locations on the beach. The downside to the low occupancy though is additional restaurant closures.

    Patios is closed for lunch, but cabana grill serves a specialty pizza from there during the day.

    Lemongrass and Feathers are both closed two day per week now. Lemongrass Tuesday and Friday, Feathers Wednesday and Sundays.

    There is no additional construction going on at this time to the recently acquired property to the south.

    The beach and drinks are as good as ever, no worrries!

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    Thanks for the nice update! We arrive on Tuesday and look forward to a nice leisurely week on the beach. It sounds like the construction/remodel activities are about what we expected it would be. Growing pains.
    But it's good to know that things are being refreshed and updated. Makes future visits look promising!
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    [QUOTE=Kyle;286501]Here's the recent status of happenings. We've been here since Monday.

    Thanks Kyle for the update-very much appreciated.

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    This is more definitive, albeit from an eyewitness than from management (I still don't understand why). From Kyle's fine post, it seems that there is a major overhaul of these blocks in our "Original" section... a good thing. It's not a piecemeal thing (one block at a time) like we've witnessed a few times, and perhaps not the same kind of overhaul (more intense?).

    No time line... typical for Jamaica (Soon Come), and then there is the weather... and for those going to Swept Away in the coming weeks/months... maybe not so good. Hope this work can be completed in a timely schedule for all concerned.

    I hope our boardie mates can keep us updated. Seems to be the only way.

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    Started our 15th yearly trip at CSA Saturday. Was a bit surprised by the scale of the construction project, which is projected to continue until October. Nothing like when they built the new section, but for a remodel it's the largest effort we've seen. They've decided to go with an outside contractor rather than inhouse crew like previous refreshes. As previously mentioned all blocks in the old section except for three columns next to Palms are closed. For those playing at home what's open is 1,2,3,4,20,21,22,23,24,29,34 and 35. Construction starts around 9 and goes until 6:30 or so; it's pretty intrusive if you're anywhere on the old section beach. As always the staff are cheerful, the beach is amazing, the food is delish, and the drinks are free flowing.

    On the good side we're in one of the rooms on the old side already remodeled. Nothing dramatic but a few things are nice. They've used large white floor tiles throughout which brightens things up. There are new outlets, which are actually accessible without crawling on the floor! Even the safe has both USB and 110v charging ports. The shower has a 1/4 glass wall, but water still runs all over the floor as they didn't get a slope on the floor tiles. New bedside hanging lights. And new shelves in the bathroom, closet and main room.

    That all said I wish we had this information before we arrived. We're set in our ways and come for the staff, beach, quiet and familiarity, and some of that is missing. It's not enough for us to leave once we're here, but we would have seriously considered another location knowing what we now know.

    We're here two weeks if anyone has questions.

    M & D
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    Thanks for the insight. I will be at CSA on 8/5? Which room type are you staying in? I bookedan Atrium and i'd like a good location "all things considered"

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    We have a beachfront. So we didn't get any choice as only one block of those are open. Your choice is closer to the Palms and the nightly entertainment, or closer to the construction. We like further from the Palms as we're usually heading in while the entertainment is still going on. As always there's no guarantee on availability. The only way not to hear the construction is to head down the beach either to the scuba shack, or the new section. But we really haven't found it a problem during the day. It kind of fades into the background after a bit.

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    We will be there Saturday, also staying in an atrium. Your post hurt my hear a bit, we booked the trip and have been dreaming of our middle section and crossing our fingers for a couple buildings we had scoped out the past couple trips. How is the noise from the palms inside your room in the morning also the evening? We were there during the palms reno this time last year and didn't feel any of the effects and thought how silly it was that I was worried about it... hoping i am pleasantly surprised but not so convinced:-/

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    Kyle, Micanopy, or anyone else

    To start, thanks for taking the time to let us know that info. Kinda surprised that we are finding out on the boards. Had a few questions if anyone can answer?

    Is the repeaters dinner still on Monday night? and where is it located?

    Is Patois closed any nights for dinner?


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