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    Default First Visit to CSS 8/3-8/10

    Hello everyone or anyone, The wife and I have a trip planned for Aug-3-Aug 10, and have heard some positive and some negative about CSS. When we pay for a vacation, we always want the best, like ocean rooms, not views of trees, no stress of making dinner reservations, things like that. We have been to other nude resorts before, some that allow PDA, and we know what no means, and follow rules. We like to make friends , we think having a couple or two to mingle with always make the trip more exciting, with that said we have read many post on here, and wondering if we are making the right decision, we are looking for objected opinions, and would like to hear from some of you as to your experience at CSS or if you will be there the same time we are, We have until 6/19 to walkaway from our trip, and plan something else, we are into having fun and want to see if this is the right place. H&J
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    You might want to ask this question on the Au Naturel board since you will be reaching a more "targeted" audience.

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    I think you may have to clarify exactly what your priorities are..."mingle with"?

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    Your 3rd sentence says "We have been to other nude resorts before"
    Just so that you are completely aware, CSS in not a nude resort. They do however, have a beautiful nude beach. The also have a textile beach and the 2 beaches are separate from each other. Only Sunset Beach is a nude area...there is a dress code for the rest of the resort....PDA is frowned upon at Sunset Beach and you will have many opportunities to meet other people. The pool and bar are very social.
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    mmmnnnnn....gets popcorn, settles back to enjoy.

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    We have similar interests and will be first timers at CSS in June (19-24), so we will be interested in the responses. We are very social which makes finding new friends an important part of our trip.

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    Go with the newly renovated beachfront suites. Pretty nice from pics I've seen. You will still have to make dinner reservations at the upscale Casanova but its painless. Only you can decide if you are making the right decision. We had a good time at css but realized we missed the beach at csa more. SSB (nude beach) is prettier than the textile beach, the resort is gorgeous and food and service was outstanding. Give it a try and most likely you'll be repeaters like everyone else.

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    thanks new to this message board

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    Hi thanks , we are well aware of the nude beach only , we just wanted to know from experienced people at this resort whether it was nude else where other than the beach, we just threw out there that we have been to a few nude beach's as well as resorts,

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    Thank you for your response it was helpful

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