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    Default Question about CSA

    Hello all!

    I am new to the forum and have never been to Jamaica. My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon and we are excited to visit Negril. It looks so beautiful and I found myself practically drooling over photos and videos of the beaches there! With that being said, we were first set on that *other* resort, as that's the only one I really new. However, upon further research I found Couples and the atmosphere just seems to speak to me more. I love that it looks more island-like, and less like a high rise hotel room, if that makes sense.

    With that being said...I reached out to the travel agent I have been working with for further information and feedback, and she mentioned that couples that have stayed at CSA recently complained that the place needed some upgrades. Now, I took this as maybe they were unhappy with the rustic island vibe of the rooms - but that's what I love!

    So I have a few questions that I'm really hoping someone can help me out with here. For those that have stayed at CSA:

    1. Were you happy with your accommodations? Was there anything that really struck you that needed an upgrade ASAP?
    2. How was the beach area? My research seems to show it's pretty amazing, and the only really issue I have found that people have had was reserving a chair later in the morning/afternoon.
    3. Was your bed comfy?

    Sorry if these are super silly questions but I want our trip to be perfect. I'm hoping CSA is the right fit because I love the more laid-back atmosphere it seems to have (at least from my research!) while still being a good size resort. (I have also looked at CSS and reallllly liked it, but I think the beach there would leave me unhappy.)

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated! We are looking at going May 6th through the 12th or 13th next year. Thanks!

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    Congratulations ! A very exciting time for you and your future spouse, so clearly a very important decision. I would start by saying, some people would complain if they were hung with a new rope. Could I find things to complain about on each trip, sure. Could I find grout work that should be completed, or are there microscopic ants in the bathroom after I leave a rum punch out overnight-yep. You are in the tropics, stuff happens. At the risk of going all "dr phil" on you- your marriage and your honeymoon are going to be what you make them. Life is much easier when you dismiss the minutia and focus on the big picture.

    You will be in your room far less time than you will be enjoying the remarkable grounds and beach. i've never really thought about CSA as being like an island-but you are kind of right.
    1) There are no high rises, and my wife and I have not left the resort other than the Sunset Cruise(which is a must). Many of the Beach Front suites and Ocean View suites have recently been renovated and in our 6 or 7 trips, we've never been unhappy with the accommodations.
    2) The beach-holy cow. I don't care what pictures you've seen, it is more breathtaking that pictures can depict. The chair reservation issue you are talking about, I believe is the Palapa , or grass hut lock down. Some folks will get up at dawn and throw some personal items under a grass hut, to reserve. if that's a big deal to you, get up and do just that. In 7 trips to CSA we have never been unable to find a pair of recliners under a tree ever. We will drift from the beach to the swim up bar multiple times a day, never had a problem.
    3) Bed comfy? Can't say- i'd reference the rum punch issue mentioned earlier

    At the risk of sounding like a cheerleader I could go on and on, about the staff- other guests, and food. No place is perfect, but CSA is really close. Good luck in your decision. mike

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike&Sylvia View Post
    At the risk of sounding like a cheerleader I could go on and on, about the staff- other guests, and food. No place is perfect, but CSA is really close. Good luck in your decision. mike

    Thank you SO much for your well written reply. This is exactly what was looking for! When I was looking at other resorts, I loved the beach and Jamaica in general but the resorts were just whatever. Someplace to stay. But when I heard about CSA and started looking into it, I felt like I found someplace we would be truly happy. It felt like home already! I'm not going to lie, my travel agent made me second guess it a bit. Maybe it's time to lose her and find a new one! I really appreciate your response. I feel very confident in our decision now!

    Warm Regards,


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    Krystleandshawne, we are 6 time repeaters at csa. I cant seem to figure out how to post here but if you'd like some photos of rooms, email me at
    Csa has done a lot of renovating the last couple of years so you should enjoy it. Its no5 glitzy marble and chandeliers but caribbean chic. It won't make everyone happy but we love the place and cannot wait to return.

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    9 time repeaters to CSA. And, we've also stayed at two of the sister Couples resorts, and a few of the other brand-name all-inclusives, though not for many years. The reason is simple. Jamaica is a beautiful island, and there are a number of other very nice resorts. But we like CSA the most, which is why that's the one we always return to now. Since this will be your first visit to Jamaica, as you walk the grounds you will think you've gone to heaven. When you first see and feel the soft white sand on the endless expanse of beach, you won't believe your eyes.I wish I could be there when you first see the clean, clear, aqua water.
    As for the rooms, they're very comfortable. In some people's eyes they look a little dated, and that's fair, but they have a distinctive island character. The beds are king size. We find the mattress comfortable, but I've heard that some find them to be on the firm side. Everything works.....the A/C, ceiling fans, hot water. So while some of the rooms are older, they've been well-maintained. One of the other nice things about all Couples resorts is that all guests are treated equally well, no matter how much you spend on your room.
    I've never not enjoyed a Couples vacation. Even when the weather was less than stellar. It just doesn't matter.

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    Just got back from our 5th trip to CSA. In the 11 years we've been going I've not noticed any degradation, only improvements or just -changes- (like no more mermaid next to Seagrapes . The resort isn't brand new, so that means patchwork and paint, but that also means the vegetation has had time to really grow in, the grounds are simply STUNNING and the grounds crew at CSA has got to be one of the most underappreciated assets they have! The beach is spectacular, soooo much deeper than it was in the 00's after the hurricane swept it away (ba dum dum :P While huts get snatched up, there is so much foliage (palm trees and the like) that shade is never an issue.

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    Hi such thing as silly questions considering the cost to visit a place like CSA for a week isn't chump husband and I call it a "investment into our happiness". We visited various AI's in Mexico over 12 different trips before we finally tried CSA. I mention this because we stayed in some really nice/fancy resorts in Mexico (penthouse suites with private pools, oceanfront suites with marble floors, chandeliers, and Jacuzzi's, etc.) and enjoyed most of our trips. We picked CSA last year because we wanted a laid back vibe on a beautiful beach. We loved it so much we returned 3 months later (that's a first for us). We love the rooms, they are our favorite we've found. They are casual, functional, comfortable, and the patios are private and perfect for what we want. We slept like babies with the soft beds and super cold AC. We fell in love all over again just laying on the couch on our patio, listening to the tree frogs, watching other couples happily stroll by. The beach turned us into "beach" people. We've been to 15+ beaches in Mexico..the beach at CSA is our favorite by leaps and bounds (and that includes comparing it to Playa Norte on Isla Mujeres, Maroma Beach, and Akumal Bay). I literally cried on my last float in the ocean on our last day there. Not because I was sad leaving, but because of the tremendous amount of joy laying in that ocean brought us. There are a few things we would change if we could (add 24-hour room service and change the tipping policy to include any type of tip/gift or nothing at all) but we currently have our 3rd consecutive trip booked and can't remember being this excited about a beach vacation. It is a special place.

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    Krystleandshawne, the above responses pretty much mirror mine. We have been 7 or 8 times now and every time has been fantastic, I feel this is truly evident in the flock of repeaters they have year after year (not uncommon to meet someone there that has been around 20 times)!! If it wasn't so great who would keep spending their hard earned money there right? As for your questions:
    1) You hit the nail on the head with your description in the OP. This has always been a big draw for us (obviously in addition to the phenomenal beach). We fell in love with the quaint rustic feel of the atriums suites and have never deviated... As Mike referenced, yes you can always find something... One time the shower head fell off on me as I was moving it, I washed off, called down to the desk, there was a repairman there in minutes and it was not an issue the rest of trip. If there is anything that can make your trip better in most any way, the staff will do their best to accommodate you!!
    2) Mike was absolutely right. We have never had an issue finding 2 loungers in the shade. The Palapa madness is kind of amusing to us... I can't imagine waking up that early on vacation to put a towel on a chair... If that's your thing I have no issue with it as I don't have a desire to be underneath a huge thatch umbrella all day in the humidity... I will say it is quite rude to the other guests that may want to use them as I have seen several days each trip where not a sole sat under them but those towels were still there deterring others from using them just in case those people showed up I suppose... Not something to be worried about in my opinion.
    3) The beds are amazing! Maybe it is due to the adult beverages consumed during the day that Mike mentioned. Maybe it is being so tired from spending the whole day in the Caribbean sun while doing as many or as few activities as your heart desires. OR maybe still it is the food coma I tend to be in after the fantastic dinner (and other meals) I have eaten all day... No matter the reason, their great!
    Hope you love it as much as we do!! Try and enjoy the next year, it will be trying at time with all of the planning for the big day, the big day will be a blur of family, friends and flashes. Then you're on the beach in paradise!! Congrats in advance!

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    "Any feedback is greatly appreciated! We are looking at going May 6th through the 12th or 13th next year. Thanks!"

    Okay Krystle & Shawne- i'll give you some "unsolicited " advice. I understand this is your wedding weekend, so you will have been coughing up cash like a Vegas ATM. But I would tell you staying an extra day (departure the 13th) will be a smart move. We have been to CSA 6 or 7 times, and neither of us have ever said, "im ready to go home". Oh contraire- when we get that message that tomorrow is our departure date and we need to be on what we call, " the sad couch" in the lobby- we both almost bawl. So sell some plasma, or downgrade to a lower level room- you are not going to want to leave !
    In addition- Saturday night is Lobster nite-nuff said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike&Sylvia View Post
    ...neither of us have ever said, "im ready to go home".
    We normally went for 7 nights. Then one year I said "you know how we get to the end of the vacation and say 'I wish we had one more night'? Let's book for 8 nights." We did and I loved it - that extra day on the beach felt so nice. Then Linda decided it was a little too long for her and we went back to 7 nights. She said "rather than 8 nights, we can do 7 in April then 5 or 6 in December." She drives a hard bargain, I tell you!

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    Without a doubt... gotta have that extra day!!! Mike, Lobster Sat. night, but I don't think so in May. As with Playa... We too spent years in Mexico and really liked them. But it was "One and done" once we went to Swept Away. Haven't gone any where else since. Can't wait to get wet!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarDar View Post
    Without a doubt... gotta have that extra day!!! Mike, Lobster Sat. night, but I don't think so in May. As with Playa... We too spent years in Mexico and really liked them. But it was "One and done" once we went to Swept Away. Haven't gone any where else since. Can't wait to get wet!!!

    Whoops- BarDar , you're correct- forgot the Lobster deal is subject to seasonality. The only reasonable option is to take a page from Bert's book, and Krystle and Shawne should take a 2nd trip during Lobster season

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    Congratulations!!!!!!!!! We went to CSA last year for our honeymoon. We upgraded to an atrium room. Well worth the extra bit of money in our opinion!! Beach cabanas not something that is important to us either. Plenty of palm trees for shade! And beach chairs were always plenty to be found and we never rushed to the beach in the morning. When ever we got there we got there. So relax the beach is great and stress free! Just go and enjoy yourselves. We went last year from may3-8 this year( next week) may 30th- June 6th. Everything is better at couples!! ❤️❤️

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