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    Default I know,,I know..But I sure do miss them and always will..Hugs

    I know changes happen for so many different reasons..Some are good,some are bad and some are sad.

    For the past twelve years my wife Precious and I have visited three of The Couples Resorts once or twice a year
    and have done several trading day passes to the other one.During our visits we have gotten to know and love
    so many of the Couples employees.We look forward to seeing and hugging them.

    We have seen so many leave the Couples resorts and we wish them well but WE MISS THEM every

    Now we are headed back to Couples Negril this Saturday May the 20th and I find out now that several
    more CN employees have departed since out last two trips last year..This makes us SAD but we do wish
    each of them the best.

    So we will go and hope to meet CN's new employees and love them also.

    Hugs from Tommywommy

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    New big resorts have opened, it must be putting a strain on the skilled employee market.

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    We are here now and since it is our first time, we have nothing to compare it to. Having said that, the staff is fantastic. Our last day is Saturday so we will see you then.

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    Hoping Tennyson is still there? We are supposed to be back in July.

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    Kevin and Linda.I hope you two had a wonderful time at CN and I hope I do see you two before you leave.

    Well,it will be wonderful to see the employees that give us so much joy and take outstanding care of us.
    The staff members are a very huge perk for us.

    Hugs from Tommywommy

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    We returned to CN on May 20th and found a few more of our beloved staff
    members gone but we must admit that the new ones we met were outstanding
    and now are dear friends also.

    Hugs from Tommywommy

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