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    Default Topless at Negril

    Is it possible to walk topless from the room to the beach? Are there designated areas for topless bathing? We plan on spending a lot of time on the nude beach. Wondering if she can get away with wearing minimal clothes to the beach. If not not a big deal. Also what is the attire for dinner for a lady? Is she gonna looks if she wears a plunging neck line or a short dress. I was hoping she could wear clothes that she wouldn't wear at home but on vacation. Yes they will have a sexy flare to them but they will still be classy.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    I see that you have asked the same question twice without getting any answers. There is a thread on the main board (first page) titled "How Sexy Can She Dress For Dinner"...lots of comments and examples there.

    No, it is probably not acceptable to be topless from the room to the beach. Many of us simply wear a simple cotton sundress to the beach. There are specified areas at the Couples resorts for topless along with the specified areas for AN. Go to the website and browse the FAQ section to answer your topless question.
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    i'd say that if her feet are on sand she can be topless, but i doubt that anyone would really care if she was topless on the walk between room and beach. It seems to be fairly common for folks to not get dressed for the walk from the AN beach to rooms in building #9.

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    Wear whatever you want to dinner. If you're covered it's good enough. I encourage my lady to dress sexier than she would at home too. Topless to the beach, prob not ok. Like the other poster said, just wear something thin down there.

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    I'd agree that feet on the sand = topless ok. Walk to/from AN to Bldg 9 probably ok if you're quick and discreet, keep a towel and a hand bra uh...handy just in case. At dinner just wear some fabric that looks like clothing and have fun, I'm far too focused on my smoking hot wife to notice yours.

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    The whole beach can be topless, but wouldn't do it throughout the resort. Yes she can wear some sexy outfits as she desires. A lot in our group do that at dinner and at night in the bars. No worries mon!

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    My wife walked topless on many of our numerous visits from building #1 to the beach and the dive pool.

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