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    Default Help save my honeymoon!!!!

    Okay my fellow Couples Resort Goers...I have committed the sin of breaking a leg...well almost...a week and a half before my wedding. Silly me thought I could go dancing at my bachelorette party this knee told me otherwise. I have torn my ACL...on my GOOD knee, I've already done it to the other one. Anyway I am now trying to figure out how to do simple things like "walk down the aisle". Dress is so poofy that I can't even get the crutches around it...and I would feel like a complete idiot being pushed in a wheel chair. So I would love some help from you all to give me some suggestions on how I can traverse Couples Negril on crutches and not make this memory ruined as well. I just emailed the resort requesting a downstairs room ans well as a room that is central to beach and main area...but I know there's no guarantees on that. I do have clearance from my Dr to go scuba diving. He said all the swimming would be the best physical therapy and the best thing for my knee right now but my hubby can't scuba because of his ears. So any help or ideas on still making this trip a great honeymoon and figuring out how to get from A to B with crutches and two bum knees would be greatly appreciated. I'll be at Couples Negril May 22-June 1

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    Well congratulations ! I had the misfortune of busting my arm in 2 places less than a week b4 a CSA trip several years ago. Did not make my wife very happy. I talked my doc into a soft cast for the trip till we got back, as I knew id be in the water for a large portion of the time. Made it there and back without further complications, just had to be very careful not to forget after multiple rum infused beverages I tried to go diving, and they immediately refused-which now that I have dived, understand fully. I would be stunned if they will allow you to dive, even if your physician has approved. id call ahead and investigate b4 leaving . good luck Mike

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    I hope they do. I got in the pool last night and once I'm in the water and don't have gravity working against me I'm fine. It's just on land when I have to support the weight of my leg things don't go so well. In the water I don't even need a brace.

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    CN is the best resort for anyone with mobility issues. compact, flat and if you have a ground floor room then no steps except for getting to the main lobby and shops.

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    You have to wear your very heavy scuba gear to and from the water so I would say scuba is out. Not sure what to do about your wedding except maybe have your fiancee walk you down the isle and hang on tight.

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    Congrats and sorry in the same sentence! Don't worry and don't think you are going to ruin your honeymoon! Just let CN know your situation when you do your pre-checkin on line. Also, Make sure to mention it again when you arrive! They will take very very good care of you! Request a ground floor room! Also, You will be with your love and really that is all that truly matters. This situation will end up showing you a completely different definition of fun or excitement! My Wife broke her ankle when we were at CN one year and yes, the first few hours were tough, but it truly made us closer in so many ways. I truly loved taking care of her and it seamed to bring the Vibe of CN out even further! Love, Respect and Romance! We looked at things completely different the rest of the trip and made us even more aware of the love we have for each other! Its amazing what we take for granted every day of our lives. So, Go, Have a Blast and stop worrying! The only thing that matters is the Journey you are about to start with the one you love! Trust me, This is not the worst thing the two of you will encounter in life! Its all just part of the journey and will bring you even closer together! You will, Im Sure, Someday laugh about this and always have a great story to tell! You will find many things to do even if you cant scuba! Smile and start getting excited!

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    I also tore my ACL but years ago. The thing about diving... You will have to fill out a medical form at the dive shop. Couples is a PADI dive shop and they are pretty strict about the dive form. If it comes to "no dive", that doesn't mean "no rest on the beach with the one you love", and it doesn't mean "NO REDSTRIPE', if beer is your thing. It is what it is and there is always ...Next time... and there will be a next time!!!

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    CN is wonderful for being on crutches or even a wheelchair. You will be able to traverse the entire resort without needing to use stairs. And it is very compact. If you need it, they also have a wheelchair you can use. Also notify the airlines you are going to need a wheelchair. You will be walking way to far through airports to want to do it all on crutches.
    I know Couples will take great care of you. I injured my ankle one year and they took fantastic care of me.
    As for the wedding...your dad could carry you down the aisle and your new husband could carry you back up the aisle. LOL It will all go wonderful and one day you will look back on it and laugh. You will have a wonderful story to tell your grandchildren. Congratulations!!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I shared your story with a group of girlfriends talking about wedding and vacation woes. My heart went out but the women came up with an idea to help with the "walking down the aisle" issue that I thought was genius. You mentioned crutches and a wheel chair are out because your dress is so wide. They suggested a no back desk chair - think round chair in a doctor's office. You could sit on it, raise it to the highest height that allows your toes to still hit the ground, have the bridesmaids creatively tuck your skirts and maybe have your father roll you down the aisle, possibly with the assistance of a flower girl. It might allow you the trip down the aisle, allow your dress to be fluffed and gorgeous, the dress hides the chair, and by rolling you could be the most graceful bride to go down the aisle. And I hope you can find humor in this when you tell your kids one day, though I can appreciate the frustration at the moment. As for the honeymoon, Negril sounds like a great spot for you. All the best and may this be the only hiccup in the wedding and honeymoon.

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