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    Default Topless throughout the resort?

    Good morning. First trip planned to a AN beach resort. I know it's not sexual. Been to hedo and it was a bit much. I could deal. Wife could not. That being said we have grown and changed since 12 years ago. Since booking the trip our sex life has skyrocketed. It was good before. Now it's on a new level. I know Couples is not like hedo. Not looking for that. But I think we realize that this trip could just be four days of flirting and foreplay between a couple that's been married for 20 years.

    She wants and is excited to be on the nude beach. I am hoping we can make friends while we are there. Maybe nude beach during the day then join for dinner and drinks. She's a little shy. Would love for some couples to come on the beach to hang and chill.

    This brings me to my questions. Can she walk topless from place to place, say room to beach? Walk on the beach topless? Is it ok for like short dresses? Nothing see through but she will definitely wear a couple of dresses to dinner she may not wear when we are home? Classy flirting at dinner? A subtle flash of what she's not wearing underneath? Nothing overt that others would be offended by. No sexual acts, just some butts or boobs if she bends over. Who knows they may get to see too. (Is that wrong?)

    I ask cause I know what we like and what we are looking for. I don't want to infringe on another's vacation. We are not a disrespectful couple.


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    I have not observed most of what you are describing at Couples. We have visited many times over the last 10 years. Rarely see anyone topless except fully nude at AN beach.
    Never observed any flashing but maybe it has happened. Just subtle, nothing overtly sexual.
    Couples may be too sedate for you in that regard. Not sure.

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    You did not say which resort that you are going to visit?

    We did the same thing, went to H-II in 2000, had a great time, then went back a year later and WAY different, we asked to be moved to GLN and then visited there for years before finding Couples.

    My wife did go topless at the CN pool and on the main beach at CN. I read that you are not supposed to do that but several others were doing it before she did. At CSS and CTI the a/n is segregated. They would probably frown on anyone going topless outside of the "designated" areas. We have seen a few topless people sitting on their balcony at CSS. At CTI you can go a/n on the island and they say topless on the pier but on our last trip there were a few topless on the main beach.

    As far as dress, wear what you want. Lot's of people wear nothing underneath. Some might flame you for flashing question on the main board

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    Topless is not allowed on the CTI beach but is allowed at the end of the pier. Walking to the pier topless would not be allowed.

    Based on previous posts on the subject many women will dress sexier at Couples than they normally would at home (nothing underneath). Being an adults only resort it does lend women an opportunity to dress a little more daring and sexier without raising eyebrows or offending others. I would not have an issue with her dressing like that, but I would have been among the rest of the naked group for most of the day so I may not even notice... even if I am in the line of fire!
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    I wouldn't be offended. Just putting it out there.

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    I have to agree with doncindy. Spending all day with the naked folks, personally we would probably not even notice and certainly not care about seeing risque attire. Personally, I think it is somewhat refreshing. Overall Couples is laid back. And while, not prudish or conservative, per se, you can probably get away with sexy attire (low cut or short dresses, etc) as long as it was not see-thru or she wasn't bending-over-every-two-minutes-to-see-who-was-looking kind of thing LOL

    Hope that helps.

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    topless is allowed on the beaches at Swept Away, Negril and Sans Souci. It is not allowed at Tower Isle...instead, you can be topless at the end of the pier. It is not allowed in the pools or hot tubs, however my understanding is that after hours you might come across it. I would think that going topless walking around the resort would be met with a visit from management or security.

    As far as what to wear to dinner...I would say whatever you want in accordance with the dress code. I agree with what was previously posted...with no kids, you may see the ladies dressed a little more risque. But I've never seen anything too overt.

    Keep in mind too that there is no au natural area at Swept Away. Negril has a small area next to the main beach, Sans Souci has a separate beach/pool, and Tower Isle has the island with a pool.

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    A few years back while we were watching the entertainment at CTI, this pretty and obvious bra-less girl was on the dance floor trying her best to shake one of her girls out of her split to the belt, loose fitted blouse... Now I just spent the whole day on the island so if I saw a bare breast it would have a zero shock value to me. My entertainment was watching and hoping to see if she succeeded. It took her almost 2 songs before she finally shook one loose. It was bouncing around for what seemed like ten seconds before a good samaritan woman leaped out of her chair to save the dancer her dignity by helping to cover up the escapee. The dancing girl sheepishly acted shocked and while smiling, tucked it back in for the rest of the night. I am sure I was not the only one who watched the entire side show.
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