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    Default Tipping Shuttle Driver?

    Hi, what does everyone usually tip the airport shuttle driver - I have heard this is not part of the package of "no tipping" and they will expect something.
    Just would like to know what small bills to have prepared.

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    20 per couple is what I tip.
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    We usually tip between 10 and 20 dollars, depending upon how friendly and informative the driver is.

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    I give the shuttle driver $40 each way for us...and $10 for the baggage person at the airport. I'm not sure if that's high or low.

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    We usually tip $10/couples.

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    we generally give him $20.00 coming and going-

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    We do about $10 a person tip for the driver of the shuttle.

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    We usually give $20 for the two of us.

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    I can't remember what I've done in the past but for our upcoming trip I'll probably hand them a $20 each way.

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    $10-$20 for the driver depending on how the ride was for us. Also plan on $1 per bag for the porters at the airport. The only other places that you should be tipping during your stay is if you use the spa and on the catamaran as the folks that work on it are not Couples employees like the bus drivers and porters.

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    I usually tip the porters $5 and the bus driver $20.

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    We normally give the driver $10 and the baggage handlers who take your bags from the Couples lounge to the van $1 per bag.

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    We give $20 to the driver and $5 for the porters.

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    Same as already mentioned. But, I always give the bag porter $5 when arriving at the airport and we take our bags ourselves anyway. Respect.

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    $20 each way. It is a 1.5-2 hour trip depending on resort.

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