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    Default First Timers to CN

    Howdy, we are coming for our first trip ever from 5/31/17 to 6/7/17. We chose CN after researching for weeks and after joining the FB groups and reading through all the wonderful posts, and experiencing the vibe we got from interacting with the folks on those groups who are so friendly, so forthcoming with information, so willing to answer questions, we just got a really good feeling about CN so we booked! Since we booked, I have started to think about the AN area of the resort here and there. I realize the AN beach area is not as "Private" as say, CSS/SSB, but what about the AN area in general? We have never done anything like this before, but we do enjoy chunky dunking (yes, we are obviously overweight 40 somethings fighting a lifetime of gravity and bad habits) in our private pool at our home when we are alone, and we have recently started to "pre-tan" since we are so close to leaving for paradise, and yes, that was in the buff in our own private backyard oasis. We haven't really talked much together about the AN area, but my wife has mentioned a few times that we won't be visiting the AN side, and has made comments in passing about it, but I have to admit, hanging out with her in the buff, with the sun on us and a light breeze was so wonderfully comfortable/natural and felt so liberating (even though we got burned the first day cause we fell asleep with no sunblock, lol), that I would love to experience this together with her in Jamaica.

    I wonder if our mental blocks with it have to do with American stigmas, and the fact that we have both struggled with body image for a long time (this trip is for our 20th anniversary) and we both are really self-conscience, and we both have some reservations about it, her more than I (what I sense anyways). I am not sure if anyone here would offer some advice on how you maybe got started with trying out an AN area or overcame initial fears/shame? What the results were, etc? Good or bad experiences welcomed!

    I know it is not like hedo, and I know it is nothing sexual. To me, I feel like it is just an expression of freedom that is so alluring, a freedom to experience something together, away from the stigmas of home, something that is freeing from the grind we live in day in and day out, to truly cut loose and really enjoy ourselves (and on the flip side, I don't wanna ruin a vacation by talking it to death, a double-edged sword for sure). I know I need to engage her in conversation about it, but I was hoping someone here could help out with some personal experiences, and how you got started, overcame obstacles, broached the subject, etc?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    There's a big thread on here somewhere with people's firsts, but here's mine.

    Didn't have plans, wife did have plans to go topless. We strolled over to the AN area, and debated. We smoked a little greenery, had 2 drinks, and said screw it. Walked up the edge of the beach and dropped the clothing, feeling super self-conscious. (Did not know you don't have to strip at the sign LOL) We threw our stuff on a chair and sprinted into the water. I jumped into very shallow water, and looked like a giant idiot. After that, each time we'd get out for a drink it got easier. We started to not want to be in the other beach area anymore, and it all became AN. We went back a 2nd year, and straight to AN. This time we met some cool people to chat and swim with, and ended up hanging out at a few of the dancing type things at night. This is unusual for us, as we don't socialize all that much. (not rude, just shy I guess when talking to other groups of people) Now we're going back for year 3 in a row.

    When people say nobody cares what you look like, they generally mean it. I'm in my 40s, and I could use to lose a good bit of weight (I try.. but candy tho...) but I swear I'm LESS self-conscious at the AN beach at CN than at a regular beach with my swim trunks on. Why I don't know... I say give it a shot. You can always go put your clothes on and go to the regular beach if it's too weird. Do it first day in case you like it, or you might be mad you didn't. Good luck.

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    We first tried it in CN for an hour after our third trip . we got HOOKED after that hour, Now we don't leave the Au naturel section (7th trip ) The self conscience goes away Quickly!!! and you will meet the best, most friendly people on the Au naturel beach ( every day people) that what to share the freedom. CN is a Great experience( not sexual like a hedo ) Give it an Hour you may get hooked.

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    My opinion - almost everyone that hesitates is embarrassed to "be seen" nude.


    1. Start a conversation with "I would really like to try this. We will do what you say and I won't push you. Before you say no, let's do a little research." Go to this thread and have her peruse it at her own pace:

    2. Emphasize how beautiful she is, and how you think she'd love the experience. The AN beach is for all shapes and sizes and colors. Everyone is happy to be there and non-judgmental. The anonymity is a real plus also! No one will take your picture. The rules are very strict.

    3. The biggest mistake you can make is going to CN and not taking advantage of AN. Don't come back from Jamaica with that regret. The 2nd biggest mistake is to not try it right away! If you wait and try it late, then you've lost all that opportunity! If you try it early and don't like it, then you don't have to spend mental time thinking about it all through your vacation.

    4. Best promise to her as a safety valve: "Let's go there and drop our bathing suits for 15 minutes. If you don't like it, we are outta there. I bet you'll love it."

    5. Secret: everyone that says it is not sexual is fibbing. While it is not Hedo for sure, and you won't walk around with wood, you will find that it is 8 hours of foreplay with your bride.

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    El Duderino, thanks for the story! That helps for sure!

    Frandele, much appreciated on your experience.

    Sandyhub......totally agree and is exactly what I have been thinking.

    Just an update......we actually did discuss it! Funny thing is, we have BOTH been looking into it for like a week, and when we broached the subject, we learned we were both looking into it and we both secretly were intrigued, but we were both hesitant to bring it up to the other! HAHA, so funny now. We are actually leaning toward saying just screw it, and even though we got 40 years of fighting gravity and bad habits we are probably going to say screw it and give it a go!

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    Our first time was at a nudist resort. My wife is well endowed and was very self conscious, expecting people to comment or hit on her. Me? I'm as average as you can get. We went and had a great time. No one gave her a second look, as there were people better looking and worse looking. No one is going to look and point or make comments. Just doesn't happen. We go to this resort once a year, as it's a 2 hour drive from home. We do hit the AN beach at CN one day while we are there. My wife is sometimes self conscious of the people walking the beach. Me? I don't care if they see me nude or not. It's not likely I'll ever see them again, and if I do? So what. Sometimes the liquid encouragement helps a lot.

    One Love!
    Duane & Mary

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    Thanks for the input Duane & Mary! I think we are most likely gonna at least give it a try one time and go from there. And yea, I don't care if beach walkers get a look, as we will not be there to be seen, or to see, but to be free together.

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    We have been to a nude beach and several nudist resorts. We loved CSS SSB! The best time, and it will definitely not be our last time there!! Have some liquid courage, drop'em and enjoy!

    Ev'ryting Irie Mon

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    Default First trip to CN - first time AN

    Seems an appropriate thread to which to add our experience.

    Like the OP in this thread, we've lived most of our lives with a vague feeling of embarrassment about body shape and body in general. But really, after a hospital stay or two, I kind of began to lose that. So when the opportunity arose to arrange this vacation, I thought maybe the AN idea would be a chance to sort of finally dump free-floating apprehension. I broached the subject a couple months before departure with a sort of bravado level of enthusiasm to get the spouse to start considering it. She gave a few hints that she might.

    On our first night, we relaxed by ourselves in the hot tub. The next morning coming down to the AN beach there was a bit of a crisis moment, but she graciously agreed to trial sunbathing for my sake. We continued to enjoy both beaches for the remainder of the (short) trip. For me it felt sort of empowering to spend the morning reading on a lounge chair and swimming in the fabulous water. Spouse remained a bit reserved, but still enjoyed it.

    Anyway, I would highly recommend to at least dip your toes in the water, so to speak.

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    I can thank all the chair hogs on Sans Souci's Main beach for our first AN experience.

    In '99, we got engaged at Couples Negril - we saw the nude beach (more like a bush with a couple of chairs at that time) and thought "that's just weird!" (we were young)

    We arrived at Sans Souci in 2010 to renew our vows - that first day we struggled to find a good spot on Sans Souci's Main Beach but eventually settled in - same thing for the next day.

    The third day we decided to trade places to Tower Island - we had not talked about going AN before, but we both had seen pictures of Tower Island and knew the Island was AN - so as we struggled to find good shade my wife saw the boat going out and asked "why don't we go to the island? We don't know anyone here so let's just try it..."

    Stunned, I wasn't sure how to respond but somehow managed an "Ok..."

    We got to the island, walked to right and found the most amazing, quiet spot with perfect shade, so wife was very happy.

    Wife had her clothes off in seconds and was happily enjoying her book, but I was pretty nervous and it took me a while to finally relax.

    The island was amazing! For so many reasons but it was a really good introduction to AN. It took some nerve to get up off our loungers but eventually we walked down to the ocean, got drinks, sat in the pool and it was just such an amazing time.

    The next day at Sans Souci we walked down to the main beach - looked around at all the full palapas and my wife said - "let's just go to SSB!" - and we've never been back to the main beach

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