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    Default Honeymoon in June 2018, Which Resort?

    My fiance and I are getting married next year and are trying to decide where to honeymoon at. We got engaged at CSS and loved it. We are leaning towards CN as we really want an AN beach but also want to see the other side of the island. CN doesn't appear to have as many activities and dining/bar options (ie theme nights) as the resorts. We also like to take advantage of room service, but I see it is only available for breakfast or for dinner if you have a suite. Does anyone know what the hours for that dinner room service is? Would you recommend upgrading to a suite? We stayed in a standard room at CSS and it was more than big enough for us. We would like to have a nice view and a balcony, though. Any ideas for making our honeymoon at CN, the best? Or would you recommend another resort for an ideal honeymoon experience?

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    Csa has it all except the all natural beach and full room service. We wouldn't stay anywhere else.

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    We've stayed at both CN and CSA and both are wonderful. CSA might be a little nicer but the nude beach option at CN is more to our liking. Never had a suite because we spend most of our time outside our room. You can't go wrong with either resort. You can sign up for a day pass to visit the other resort to compare. Congrats on your wedding!

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    CSA Is a dream come true kind of place. Room service all day long and the atrium rooms are truely spectacular!! No AN beach. Feel free to go topless anywhere though!

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