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    8 days and getting more excited anyone tell me what weather is like at css now?does it rain much?Can hardly wait.what night is lobster night there?

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    we are arriving 11/4, go yearly this time of year

    weather is usually great, do not get worried if you look at as it usually shows sun, clouds and rain daily.

    many times there are brief afternoon showers, as we are early people and are out of our rooms early, by the time the showers arrive they are a welcome relief

    even on our trips when it was 'rainier' than usually there was always plenty of sun.

    we were married in Ocho 10 years ago, we always joke that the year we finally decided to wed was the rainiest visit ever! even though it rained on our wedding, would not have done it anywhere else!

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    almost forgot, I believe Wednesday is the night lobster is served

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    Weather was sunny and warm today.....

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