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    Default Advice needed for CSA

    Hi everyone! My husband and I leave for CSA in 10 days!!! We have a few questions I was hoping someone could help me with.
    1- We booked a standard beach front suite. It looks like these are located in buildings 34, 37, & 38. Does anyone have a recommendation for which building/room to request? I think we would prefer to be on the bottom floor. I've only stayed in the atrium suites so I don't know much about the others.
    2- Is there a school and/or an orphanage we can visit?

    3- With the no tipping policy in place I've seen some people recommend bringing chocolates and other such things for housekeeping. Does anyone have any recommendations for the bartenders? Something we can bring them from the states that they might enjoy in lieu of cash? And is there a specific type of chocolate housekeeping really likes?

    Thanks to anyone responds! :-)

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    Funny as it sounds I brought gold and silver temporary tattoos for myself. But ended up giving them to the staff. Because they loved them so much. Also they always want your left over sun screen. Oh yes and Hershey's lol. That's a big crowd pleaser too. Lol. Have fun!!

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    The standard beachfront suites are basically atrium suites, located on the beach path. First floor rooms are good because of the easy beach access. You just walk out the door and you're there. Also easy to escape to during a shower, and you can still feel like you're on the beach. I like the 2nd floor rooms too. The advantages to those is the vaulted ceilings in the room, making them feel more spacious. We also enjoy the added privacy and the views from the 2nd floor balcony. Our favorite among those is room 2229. You can't go wrong, either way.

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