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    Default Travel between CN and CSS

    We're considering a split stay between CN and CSS.

    What is the travel time between the two?

    If I take a taxi to travel "when I want to travel," anyone have a clue how expensive that would be?

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    We did a split a few years ago, going from CSS to CSA (very near CN). CSS worked with us on our departure time, and we ended up with a great driver who really helped pass the time. We learned a lot about the island and he happened a be a scotch bonnet pepper farmer, which was fascinating. He even stopped at Scotchies for a quick lunch along the way. I can't remember exactly how long the whole thing took, but my recollection is somewhere in the 4 hour range, but we stopped at MBJ on the way to drop off one other couple who was with us, which probably added 30 minutes or so.

    We ultimately viewed it as a chance to see and hear more about the island, and are really glad (1) that we did the split, and (2) that we didn't try to arrange for a different method of transportation.

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    I would think the taxi would be quite expensive, it's approx a 3 hour drive.

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    We have done the reverse split a lot and it's just not a problem. Tell them what time YOU want to leave in the morning and enjoy the ride (Don't let them force you to go when it's convenient for them or you'll get put on an airport run). We have been transported in a car a few times and a bus only once. We've never stopped at the airport. I don't really see why you would want to take a taxi.

    We find 9:30-10:00 to be a good time. Time for breakfast and you don't hit much traffic.

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    We did a split between CN and CSS several years ago. We left early in the morning (7am) from CN and were at CSS easily by lunch time and able to enjoy the beach. Couples Resort should provide you with a free transfer, and I was basically able to determine when we left. I have heard of the transfers also stopping at the airport on the way over to pick up folks, but that did not happen with us. We had a direct trip probably because we got to the airport before to many incoming flights landed.

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