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    We've found that people ask about "clothing optional" beaches instead of "Au naturel". My husband has been asked about it by coworkers, and can honestly say that he hasn't been to a clothing optional beach. I work with accountants so have never gotten such questions. Our friends and family all know that we do the nude beach, and I've talked it up to those who seem amenable. Of course, like others have mentioned, they also know we don't wear clothes at home.

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    All our friends know .... hell probably every person I know knows lollll grosses out the kids .. AWESOME !!!

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    I think this is a good question because the wife and I had the same concern however after we got home we just came out with it. some people gave us funny looks but no one really said anything directly to us about it. most people just told us they couldnt do it but thats about it. in the end the people who are close to you shouldnt care. just remember if they tried it they would fall in love with it also

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    My wife and I are what I would call "closet nudists". We've been to the nude beach back home many times, visited Haulover in Miami, and made nude beach a priority when planning Caribbean vacations. We've never told anyone that we go, but have never been asked flat-out. I would tell them "Yes, you should try it" if they ever did.

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    We make no excuses and tell any that ask, family friends and co workers. I had many conversations with a brother who did not approve. I finally told him I did not like him going to church twice a week. He responded by saying its not the same. I asked him what he thought went on there and he thought about it and said ok, it's none of my business what you do or don't do.
    That was several years ago and now we can joke about what goes on in church.

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