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    Default Honeymoon for couple in 20s--CSA ?

    Hello All,

    I have read alot of review about Couples Swept Away. Alot of them have been great reviews so thats great! My future husband and I are both in our 20s and are looking for our perfect honeymoon location for May 2010. Would anyone suggest Couples Swept Away for a younger couples honeymoon?
    I read a review stating that Couples resorts were for older couples specifically... is this true?

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    Young and, shall we say, mature couples are all observed at Swept Away having a great vacation. Honeymooners and those that have been married for decades all fit right in.

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    My husband an I are in our mid-30's and very young at heart. We had the best time at CSA and started planning our return trip even before we left the resort.

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    the majority of couples demo is >30 < 55.
    At any given week at any given resort you will see a bell curve that spans from early 20's - 70's. So manage you expectation accordingly ... if you are under 26 chances are you will be in the 20 percentile
    maybe randy can publish the frequency distribution of the ages brackets in 5 year incrememts to give you more detail data
    have fun...

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    Everyone is welcome. CSA is a good because the average age is lower then the other resorts.

    All the Couples resorts have couples between 20 and 80 years old. Couples is not just for older couples, but older couples take vacations together more than younger couples because of babies, kids and money. Young families take family vacations until the kids get a little older, and then they do a couples only type vacation. That is why the average age of couples only type resorts are higher.

    Come, enjoy and have a great Honeymoon. You will have a great time at any of the Couples resorts.
    Irie Mon

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    There is always a mix of couples from 18-70 at all the resorts. You will not go wrong with any of them.

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    Although I am in my 40's you will see people of all ages at CSA.We had the most perfect honeymoon and we are so glad we discovered Couples.There is tons to do or you can do nothing at all.Swept Away is truly paradise and you could not have picked a finer place for a honeymoon.We are saving for trip #4 to CSA and #5 to Couples.Good luck whatever you decide.

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    CSA is a wonderful honeymoon spot. It is absolutely NOT TRUE that it is just for older couples. Every time we've been, we have made friends with couples of all ages. Go and enjoy!

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    wakelin2bee - My husband and I were at Swept Away in August and most people there were young. We are both 60 but did not feel out of place with all the young couples. You will find that Couples is not about age but about spending quality time together. There were a lot of honeymooners there and they all seemed to be having a great time. Swept Away is a magical place and I can't think of anywhere more perfect to start your life together. Congratulations on your future wedding!

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    I wouldn't worry about the age at all. My gf and I, 36/41, stayed at CSA last year and we had similar concerns before we went. There were plenty of couples in their 20's and 30's which was nice but it didn't really matter. Older couples...younger couples, everyone is on the same wavelength. I can guarantee that you will meet couples in your age range that you can hang out with. So to answer your question, not true.

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    Personally, I don't think that CSA attracts any specific age group of couples. I actually laughed when I saw your post bc you just don't know til you go!

    Back ground on my husband and myself...when we married in May 2006, I was 22 he was 25. We arrived at CSA and fell in love instantly! We noticed that there were alot of young couples like us that were on honeymoons so that was most definitely a plus. As the week went on we noticed there were other couples there that ranged from newlyweds to 50 year anniversaries celebrations. At CSA or any Couples resort for that matter, you just don't notice an age difference. We hung with a few couples our age, but also hung out with some 50 year olds and they had more spunk than we did. So, NO WORRIES! Perfect resort for any couple in their 20's.

    We loved Couples so much that we told all our friends about it, and three couples went to a Couples Resort(2 Swept Away, 1 San Souci) We went back in May 07 for one year anniversary with in-laws of all people, and we both had a blast. Going back again in November!!!! YAY! So, stop worrying....great choice!

    Make sure if you are looking for Cancun style or glitz and glam you are looking at wrong resort. CSA is very tropical, not fancy. If you are looking for a beautiful beach, lot's of bars, lot's of restaurants, great service, and experience of a lifetime,then any Couples resort would be a great choice. There are only a few differences between the 4 resorts. And there are experts on the board that can help with that if yall are torn. BUT CSA IS AWESOME! Of course, I am partial!

    I hope this helps!

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    Wakelin2be -
    You will find ALL ages at Couples resorts. There is no age on love and that is why we go there to celebrate. Okay, the food, the staff, the sand/sea, the alcohol, the entertainment, the free excursions, have a little to do with it

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    Hello.... my husband and I are in our 20's and we booked our HM for Couples Negril. Our travel agent really suggested Couples and Negril. Lol So without hesitation with the great reviews from all over, we booked it. After I discovered the boards, I did start to wonder if CSA was more for us but with the mixed reviews. I'm sure either places will be just as awesome. Besides, we're looking to really spend time together and enjoy our HM rather than partying like we would usually do. I started to think the same if CN was more for the older crowd but we are "growing up" too so we should be able to mingle with just about anyone. ugh, I'm indecisive but I already booked so we're just going to make the best of it!

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    JR&Jojo - don't worry about it! CN is wonderful and you will absolutely love it!!! I am 41 and my husband is 43 and we met some of the most awesome people while at CN that we are still in contact with and they are in their 20's. We also met people our age and older that we partied with, too. Enjoy your HM in paradise!!!

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    My husband and I (27/26) are schedule for our first time at CSA for the end of May...I would guess that there would be a higher concentration of younger couples that time of year since it's wedding season.

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    We went to Couples Negril when we were 26 and had a friggin' blast. Don't question your decision. Age is but a number. Some of those old fogies will surprise you....

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    Quote Originally Posted by wakelin2bee View Post
    Hello All,

    I have read alot of review about Couples Swept Away. Alot of them have been great reviews so thats great! My future husband and I are both in our 20s and are looking for our perfect honeymoon location for May 2010. Would anyone suggest Couples Swept Away for a younger couples honeymoon?
    I read a review stating that Couples resorts were for older couples specifically... is this true?

    Here is what we have seen.

    You get a lot of people in their 20s on honeymoons. It is great for that.

    Then you have a gap where those same 20 year olds are buying houses, having kids, etc, and cannot afford to go. About the time they turn 35, they are ready for vacations, and boom, they are back since they can finally afford it again.

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    As you can tell from above...age means nothing at Couples.

    You can make me grow old, but you can't make me grow up!
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Default Thank you

    WOW.... Thank You all so much for your comments! I can tell that we have made the right decision for choosing CSA. We have decided to see our travel agent next week and book our honeymoon for May... yay!!

    Thanks so much for all your help again.

    (If anyone is going the week of May 17th.. see you there!)

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