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    Default Charlotte Airport Layover question

    Hi all,
    I'm looking at airfare and found a flight that leaves MBJ at 5pm but only has 1 hour 10 minutes layover to clear immigration and customs...
    We will be traveling on the Saturday after fall break and I'm just not thinking that is enough time...
    What do you Charlotte Airport vets think?

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    I connect through Charlotte a lot for work. Charlotte has one of the best immigration and customs systems. It is possible to make it in one hour 10 minutes. However, if one or two other planes land at the same time as you do, it could back up immigration. The most we have had to wait in the immigration lines at Charlotte was 1/2 hour. Is there a flight to your hometown from Charlotte later that same night in case you miss your connection?

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    You should be fine, we go thru Charlotte all the time and only had a problem once, when our flight was delayed from MBJ. It is a heck of alot better than Philly airport.

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    Oh, I do believe that that will be cutting it really close!!!

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    do you know if there is another flight after the one with the shorter connection? if you miss the one you are confirmed on, there would be a back-up option (if not sold out)

    typically , depending on how your are booking, flights cannot be sold as a connection if there is not the minimum connection time needed for that particular airport (all airports differ)

    also, sometimes when looking for low fares on-line you do not always see all the options for flights. I recommend calling the airline -probably us airways, directly to make sure there is not a better option.

    I have connected via charlotte before and never had any issues-avoid philly at all costs as there are always delays

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    You should be OK, Charlotte is fast.
    Irie Mon

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    I don't think that's enough time as the Charlotte airport is a very busy one - especially with it being Spring Break. Why not check to see if there is a later connecting flight?
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    Default charlette

    We have flown back home three times through Charlette and each time had only 65 minutes for our connection, and never had an issue. Charlette is a small well organized airport,

    No problem man, go for it.

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    Ashley, In our experience an hour and ten is not enough for certain times of the day. We have breezed thru and other times it taken 3 hours to clear customs. Last dec there were 800 people in line , so many they held us on the plane for 45 minutes because the room was full. Needless say missed connection and that is a pain. alittle more layover is what we now look for.

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    Thanks for asking this question. We will be flying out of KC and connect in Charlotte when we go in December. We have only a 50 min layover on the way down and an hour and twenty on the way back. I have been reassured by US Airways reservations agents that this is plenty of time. I did go to the Douglas website and familiarize myself with the terminal map. This is our first time to Jamaica and we have not flown for years, and never through Charlotte. When you get back please post of your experience.

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    That is too close, it will be a gamble for have probably a 65%-35% chance of making it....... do you feel lucky punk? well do ya?

    Good luck

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    Thanks all,
    The flight we were looking at would connect to the last flight of the day back to Huntsville Alabama and would be leaving at 10:10 pm. We have a 4 year old at home that will be with Nana and Papa so missing the connect would be a big issue.

    We decided to skip it and go with a different flight... leaves Mo Bay earlier but has an 1:45 layover and gets us home a few hours earlier (so we can see our little one before he goes to bed).

    When it was just the 2 of us, we would have gambled it :-)
    Thanks again!

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