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    Default Cameras in Au Naturel areas

    Hello all.

    We are visiting CTI in November (and considering a split between CTI and CSS).

    I know there are no cameras allowed in the au naturel areas, and I fully understand the reasoning. I wouldn't want anyone taking pictures of me or my wife without our knowledge and would never snap photos of other guests.

    I am just wondering how strict the rules really are. These days, everybody carries a phone, and therefore a camera. I will likely use my phone for listening to music while laying in the sun. Is this allowed? Will I get looks if I have it out to pick songs?

    Are the rules strictly enforced? If we are alone, can I take a discreet photo of my wife, or will that get us in trouble? I certainly want to respect the rules, and especially the other guests.

    Thanks everyone,


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    I people using phones. I guess there's a certain amount of trust you have to have. I took photos of my wife on the beach, but we got up very early and did it without anyone else around. But all the same I saw a woman photographing the water and swimming around with a waterproof camera so who knows. I didn't really have an issue, as long as it wasn't pointed at us. (CN BTW)

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    My experience has been that people will SOMETIMES take a quick pic of their spouse and even sometime of their group. Security will likely tell you to stop, however it's not usually a huge production. If you are trying to be sneaky about photos or are trying to photo others it will become a very big deal very quickly. We saw a guy last year at CN who was using a tiny camera hidden in his hands and taking pictures of those on the beach. I pointed it out to security and he of course denied it but spent the next little while in his room with security reviewing and deleting. I think he then spent time looking for another place to stay.

    Bottom line is most devices have cameras and most people have the sense to not abuse them. People will sometimes snap a shot of their spouse which is no big deal (IMHO).

    Here's a really big question about photos though. (This question is not directed at the OP) Would it be worth getting kicked off the resort and ruining your vacation for a few shots of naked strangers which would be no different from the pictures you can find on the internet of thousands of naked people who don't care?

    If you look like you're taking pictures of strangers without consent security will demand to see what pictures you have on your device and if you have taken unauthorized pictures you are likely to find yourself outside the gates with your luggage.

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    Steve - We also use or phones for listing to music, reading books etc. We have also taken a discrete picture or two of each other relaxing on the AN section at CN and SSB. We are always careful to not get anyone else in our picture and we don't walk around just snapping random shots. We are not the only ones who do discrete pictures as I know a certain tree and hammock located in the AN section which are in a number of pictures on the CN FaceBook page. Respect is the key word here.

    Enjoy your trip.

    Kurt and Angela
    CN 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017
    CSS 2014, 2016, 2017

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    Thanks to all who replied. It was about the answer I expected. Phones are okay for music/eBooks, etc. Discreet photos of each other are okay. No photos of the crowd.

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