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    July '17 we will be returning to CTI to celebrate our 20th anniversary! We were there 10 years ago so I'm sure things have changed. A few questions:
    1. Are there bathroom amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash? Is it good quality or should I pack my own?
    2. Do you get a complimentary water bottle for each of you or should we bring our own? I'd really like to refill mine with water throughout the day!
    3. Mini-bar? I don't remember this being available or stocked last time we were there.

    Thank you everyone!
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    There is shampoo, conditioner and body wash, and though I've been fine with what they provide, I know a lot of ladies who bring their own.
    We received a water bottle for each of us. We haven't been in awhile, so not sure if that has changed.
    Yes, there is a mini bar. Sign up for Romance Rewards through this website and you will be able to "pre-order" what you would like stocked. Both alcohol (whiskey, vodka, rum or gin) wine choices and various sodas and fruit juice. Then if you need anything restocked during the week, you can just order it on a card they provide.

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    I'll add that I am picky about shampoos, but I figure 1 week can't hurt. So I use the Couples shampoo and bring my own conditioner. And the body wash is wonderful. They also supply a large bottle of lotion.
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    Thank you!

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