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    Default Snapper question ?

    On a recent trip to CSS I probably ate snapper served at least half a dozen different ways. Each was delicious in its own unique way. When I got home I realized that perhaps I had also been eating different varieties of snapper. As a lifetime Alaskan I know that when you order "Alaskan salmon" in a restaurant it may be any one of five different species of salmon found in Alaska. I am wondering if the chefs at CSS also utilize different species of snapper, and if so, what they would be ?

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    We were told one that there are red and white snapper. I'm not sure if there are more. I love the snapper that is served.

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    When we were there, it was mostly Red Snapper. I also know a few Jamaicans at my work (live in Denver), that swear by Red Snapper.
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    I have never heard of white snapper but I am not the expert on Snapper. My favorite fish is Red or Yellow Snapper. I always order Snapper vs Mahi or Grouper.

    Had some Trigger fish in Myrtle Beach not long ago and that was excellent also.

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    Dont know for sure, but I've been told a whole lot of farmed tilapia is served generically as "snapper".

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