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    Default CN -Snorkel questions

    63 Days and counting......

    Do we sign up for snorkeling in advance or do we just pick up our gear and go?
    Is the snorkel a guided excursion?
    Are we taken out a little further from the resort or do we just snorkel near the beach?
    Could we snorkel everyday if we wanted to?

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    Snorkeling at CN is a guided excursion. You will need to sign up in advance. They also offer a night snorkel which costs a little extra but is VERY interesting. You see creatures that you just don't see during the day.

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    Yes - a day in advance is preferred
    The boat takes you quite a ways away, in the middle of the ocean on a reef. You're allowed to snorkel in a wide area around the boat.
    You could snorkel twice a day if you wanted. Times were 9:30 and 1:30 most days when we were there last month.

    We loved it!

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