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    Default Life in New England

    New England in the summer time. What a beautiful place. And tomorrow we get an added bonus that, fortunately, we don't get very often. A summer snow storm. Due to arrive sometime tomorrow with a wonderful mixture of freezing rain, sleet and lots of snow. Depending on where you live, it could be anywhere from a dusting to over 8 inches of Mother Nature's finest. Good thing I haven't put the shovel away yet.

    Now if this event were to happen any other time I would already be grumbling about the shoveling that I will have to do. But not this time. No sir. This time shoveling will be a breeze. A warm breeze from Jamaica. With each shovel full of freezing cold icky poo poo crap, I will imagine that it is, instead, soft light sand that is running through my fingers. There will also be a pleasant smile on my face as I strain against the heavy load.

    This unpleasant and always unwelcome summer snow will not in any way deter from the main event for April, going home. It's just a matter of days. It's going to take a lot more than a little snow to dampen our dreams. I'm pretty confident that by the time the next few weeks roll on by, this weekend weather will be just another unpleasant memory.

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    You guys skipped Spring?

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