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    I'm thrilled to say that my husband and I will be at Couples Negril in less than two weeks! I am beyond thrilled.

    I'm currently training for a half marathon and can't take a week off, so I'm wondering if anyone has ever done any running around the Couples Negril resort? Are there any paths, or would it be safe to run on the sidewalk by the street? Is sand running or treadmill the only option?

    Thank you so much!!!!

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    I've logged plenty of road miles (it's not bad at all). CN>CSA>CN is just over 4 miles. Go past CSA a bit if you want a longer run. (I don't care for beach running)

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    There are no sidewalks by the road past CN.
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    Your best bet is to run on the beach. Every morning you will see runners, and there is about 3 miles of beach on Bloody Bay. Of course, running on the sand is a bit different than running on pavement, and it may take a couple of days for your body to adjust. Realistically, there is nowhere else on the resort where you can run.

    We met a guy who would run to downtown Negril and back, outside of the resort, on the street, every other day. That's a serious run - probably 12 miles round trip. If you run outside the resort, be very careful of traffic, as you won't see much deference paid to pedestrians.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vybz View Post
    We met a guy who would run to downtown Negril and back, outside of the resort, on the street, every other day....
    I met a (much) younger guy on this board who was looking to go for a run. In the days prior, he had done the run to downtown Negril on his own. We did the CN>CSA round trip. He was much faster than me, but being slightly competitive, I tried to up my game...damn near killed me.

    As Wally mentioned, no sidewalks, but the shoulders are rather wide. I never had a problem. Just remember that the traffic is opposite that of the States, so run on the right side of the road to see the oncoming traffic. There is a good crosswalk & guards at CSA, so the crossover for the return to CN is safe. I used to run while listening to music...but not anymore. I like to be able to hear what is happening around me.

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    There is a short track at CSA, about a quarter mile long IIRC, maybe less. So you could do a swap day and run there. Alas that would be a mid-day run (the swap day shuttle runs from 10-4pm) and you wouldn't have a room to go back to but if you wanted to get in a longer non-treadmill run and didn't want to chance the roads that would be an option. Bring a swimsuit and you can do a quick change in a bathroom and be GTG for the rest of the day at CSA.

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