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    Default Romantic dinner for 2 on the beach...

    Is the 200.00 worth it?? The food and atmosphere everywhere on the resort (CSA) is wonderful so I was wondering if it's really worth the 200 to have this private dinner?

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    Its up to you. I'm a people watcher so would never do it. A table on the balcony at Lemongrass is my idea of a romantic dinner.

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    We battled with the same question several times. We have been doing split stays at CSA and CSS for the last couple years- and while at CSS there are a couple of evenings that your evenings are restricted on the restaurants. Once each trip we have done the private dinner. It is very romantic- and a special evening for sure. That said, we have always been fortunate to have access to resort credits to pay for the deal. If that is the case for you, without hesitation id say try it once- it may be your deal, it may not. mike

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    I thought it was pretty nice. It really helps to endcap a romantic vacation, IMHO. I don't spring for it on every trip (only done it twice I think) but on a resort where EVERYTHING is provided to you it is one little bit of extra love. You will know if your partner wants to do it when you walk by some tables set up on the beach in the early evening. If your partner gives a longing sigh, better call the concierge :P

    For just being a table on a beach, it is surprisingly intimate. The candlelight really makes you feel like you are alone (even though you can see other tables along the beach if you try to break the illusion) and the service/food is a step above.

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    We loved our dinner on the beach. Very special way to end a special day. (We got married). Not sure that I'd pay the $200 for it, but if you have resort credits, it is a great way to spend those. I'd much rather have a romantic dinner on the beach than a treatment in the spa.
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    We did the beach dinner back in 2007 for $150. It was well worth the money then. Bring bug spray though the sand fleas can be bad on the beach at night. Also, I think tipping is allowed for this service. They do a great job and it's a lot of work for them.

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    I would recommend the Wedding Gazebo instead, much more private and intimate location

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    Quote Originally Posted by domandsonia View Post
    I would recommend the Wedding Gazebo instead, much more private and intimate location
    Wedding gazebo at CSA where is that located? I don't remember it....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angeleyes View Post
    Wedding gazebo at CSA where is that located? I don't remember it....
    South lawn, between building 16 and 17.

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    My Wife and I had the dinner maybe the second time at Swept Away. We were the only people having dinner that night except for a wedding recep. a ways down the beach. Music from the recep. "Gotta feeling that tonights gonna be a good night, that tonights gonna be a good good night!!!" Wow, and it was!!! Do it once. Where else can you have a night like that? On the beach... the sound of the water...the candles... the smile on your Wifes face... ( or your husbands). It was cool!!!

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    We did the beach dinner at CTI back in 2013 when it was a little less expensive, and loved it. It was our 25th anniversary trip, and made the vacation that much nicer. The ambiance, the food, the wine, the private waiter...very special. That being said, not sure I would do it again, mainly because of the price increase.

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    Thank you so much. I think we will do just that! 1st anniversary for us and us at CSA. so double celebration!! Thank you 💋💋 one more month... I'm starting to get excited now

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