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    Planning on going to CSS the end of May and beginning of June 2017 for two weeks. Our first time at a Couples Resort. And first time at an all-inclusive resort. Being that that time of year is considered low season, is the resort usually at full capacity this time of the year, or is it less populated? Is the AU Beach, pool and jacuzzi available all night long for use or are there restrictive hours? Also, making reservations for restaurants before arrival. How do you know what or where you want to dine until you are there and experience the flow of the day? I'm sure we have more questions for all of you " more seasoned repeat guests" out there and being our first time on the message board, I will wait for your knowledgeable responses before attempting any other questions. Thanking you all in advance for your knowledgeable answers and any advice that you may have. We look forward to hopefully meeting some of you while vacationing at CSS and making new friends.

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    Welcome to the couples family. The great thing about CSS is that when it is at full capacity, you will try to figure out where everybody is hiding. It is amazing. If you are staying for two weeks, don't stress on the reservations. There are only three restaurants, you will have plenty of time to enjoy them all. I would suggest that you just go with the flow. I can't answer the AU questions. We usually don't make it up past 11:00. Sand gravity kicks in and you relax till your tired.

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    capacity, CSS only has 150 rooms, 300 people spread about the property, shopping trips, snorkeling, Main beach/AN can dissipate that number pretty quickly, even at 100% capacity. In other words, it doesn't matter..
    Sunset Beach, or SSB, the AN beach is full service until 6pm or so. Pool, jacuzzi, grille for don't have to leave once you're there until dinner. Many couples show up after hours for late night swim, etc. if the jacuzzi is off, ask the security guard to turn it on for you!

    Reservations: Casanova is the fine dining restaurant...res required. Bellavista is the beach restaurant, used to be open seating , now res required. Pallazina is now the open seating restaurant....the food at all three is roughly the same. Wing it the first night, if you don't have a res, you'll be seated anyway.

    For late night partying at the SSB pool, get together ten couples, at $20/couple and they'll put a bartender at the pool bar from 8 to 11pm ! it gets charged to your room. Make sure you go to SSB, you'll be instantly welcomed like you're all old friends.

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    Our first trip is in May 2017, we are going to CTI, I read the "I wish I would have thought of that thread", there are some great tips there. Have a great time!!

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    Back from CSS 4 weeks ago. Reservations were required for Casanova and Pallazina - easy to get. No reservations required for Bellavista - just turn up.

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