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    Default do activities fill up?

    I will be at Couples Swept Away for the first time this July. I am excited to participate in a variety of activities, including daily private tennis lessons, snorkeling trips, and yoga classes. Do these activities get filled up often? I'm concerned I may get locked out of some of the activities I would like to do. Thank you, in advance, for any information.

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    Couples isn't like the massive resorts that oversell rooms for the availability of activities. You will be able to do all you want to do especially going during the low season. Just remember to sign up for the snorkeling a day in advance and you will be good to go. No worries.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Welcome to Couples,

    We generally go to Couples at the busiest time of the year, mid to late February, and never had an issue with this.

    However, space is limited with some of the activities.

    One of our favorite things is snorkeling. As I said, space is limited and there is a sign up sheet. Go to the Water Sports shack on the beach to get on the list. You can go as often as you like. They usually go out twice a day, weather permitting, and you will be in the water for about 30 Jamaican minutes. They also can take you to several locations, pay attention to their names. They will usually ask as you are leaving if anyone has been to a location so they can take you someplace different.

    We also like the Catamaran Cruise. Again, space is limited and you must have a boarding pass to go. Go to Guest Services in the main lobby to get your boarding pass. While you are at guest services there are some other things you should do. Feathers and Lemongrass are special restaurants which require reservations. This is where you make these reservations. I also recommend going to the main Couples website and registering for their Romance Rewards program. With this you can take advantage of their Trading Spaces program. You can spend a day at Couples Negril. WHo knows, you may like Couples Negril enough that you may want to go there on a future trip. Sign up for Trading Spaces at Guest Services also.

    My only recommendation is don't wait until the last minute to sign up for activities or make reservations so you won't be disappointed.

    Finally. I mentioned Romance Rewards earlier. There are some other perks with this program, even for first timers. You can use their Pre Check-in. This saves some time at the front desk during check-in. There are some forms that must be filled out at the front desk. Mostly your travel itinerary so Couples can get you to and from the airport. If you do the Pre Check-in these forms will already be filled out saving a few minutes at the front desk.

    During the Pre Check-in you can also make any special requests for your mini bar. From past experience don't get too carried away with this. There is plenty to drink on the resort so we don't do a lot of drinking in our room. Maybe only an occasional nightcap before we turn in for the night. Don't expect your mini bar to be socked until after you arrive on the resort and have received your room assignment.

    Any of these Pre Check-in things can be done after you arrive at the resort. But it is nice to already have some of these things taken care of so you can start enjoying Couples right away.

    Enjoy your stay in Paradise.
    Jack and Kathy
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