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    Default Beach Front Rooms San Souci question

    Hi everyone,
    We are looking at booking a split for this summer. It's our tenth anniversary so we wanted to go back to CSA, where we honeymooned, and then do a split and go over to San Souci for four or five days. We have been to San Souci once and stayed in the D block. This time, due to a knee injury, we are looking at booking beach front rooms (everything more accessible). Can anyone share any feelings about the beach front rooms at San Souci? We have heard they are renovated. Also, we have a question about noise, especially on gala nights. Do you hear a lot if you're in the beach front rooms (ie set up/take down for gala nights, people in pool, if you're near Pallazzina, etc,).

    Thanks for any input and looking forward to going back home.
    Windsor Girl
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    We are heading home to CSS in 29 days!! We stayed in the beachfront rooms last year and in F block the year before. This year we will be staying in the beachfront rooms again. I preferred the balcony and view from F block. However, the convenience of the beachfront rooms made up for it. My wife has vision issues and the stairs in the dark are not her friend.

    We were in A block all the way at the end near water sports. At night, there was no problem with noise. In the morning, staff would start making noise around 7:30-8:00 getting things ready for the day. At CSA we stayed in the Atrium rooms on the old side, I would say the noise was about the same. The renovation is very nice. It is no longer a suite, just a large main room with the bed and a nice sitting area. The bathroom is huge. Large counter with two sinks, large shower, and no tub. The shower has a pebble style floor. Wife said it hurt a little, I thought it felt great. The balcony is much smaller than the cliffs, just two chairs and a table.

    Hope that helps. Have a great trip!

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    Hi windsorgirl, we usually stay in the beachfront, in our view the most convenient rooms. I cannot say that noise has ever been an issue, and we are generally early bedders! I would be lying if I said you couldn't hear the gala entertainment, however, it is my recollection that the entertainment ends around 9:00, perhaps others can verify!

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    We love the Beachfront Suites and we usually stay in A block. Yes, they were recently renovated and very nice. We generally use Sunset Beach, but I do know that there can be some lively volleyball games in the main pool during the day. On event nights, they start setting up right away in the morning...since we are not in our room most of the day, I cannot say if the set up is noisy. After spending all day in the sun and water, we are generally worn out. We attend the events and then go back to our room....sometimes before the entertainment is finished. There are times that we can definitely hear the entertainment from our room, but we generally fall asleep and never hear the take down from the event.
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    We have stayed in a beachfront room on the end of A block closest to the B block on the second floor and in the ground floor room closest to Pallazzina. I would say the room closest to Pallazzina had slightly more noise but not enough to impact our sleep.

    Regarding the rooms themselves - we lllooovvveee them!!! Yes they have just been renovated and the bathrooms are huge with a bright mirror and the shower is very nice. We also stayed in a G block room with a very private balcony but prefer the beachfront suites.

    We also will be doing a split this year but between CN and CSS.

    Kurt and Angela
    CN 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017
    CSS 2014, 2016, 2017

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    We love the beachfront suites and would not stay anywhere else at CSS. They are so convenient. Our first trip there we had a room near Pallazzina and it was noisy early in the morning. We like to stay up late and sleep late so we asked to be moved and they moved us to the other block and it was perfect.

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    We stayed in the B Block beachfront rooms at CSS last month. We loved the convenience of the location and the remodel is beautiful. The bathroom is absolutely huge. But we are early risers, which means early to bed. Our room was directly in front of the stage on gala night. I found if I shut our verandah doors, turned on the air, and popped an advil p.m., I could sleep through the noise. But it is loud until about 10:00.

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