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    Default CSS vs CTI beaches

    Hey all,
    We are weighing out our options for next years trip. This year we went to CN for our honeymoon. We absolutely LOVED it but would like to see Ocho Rios. We loved the beach at CN and know no other beach will probably compare. We're just wondering which has the better beach, CSS or CTI? Are either rocky on the beach or in the water?

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    Neither are rocky on the beach or in the water. They are just not a wide or deep as CN.
    As far as which is a larger beach hands down CSS us larger and deeper. In addition the Au natural beach sunset beach is larger then the main beach @ CSS

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    Both beaches are not all that big. We think that the beach at CTI is better than the beaches at CSS. Neither are rocky, just soft sand.
    Irie Mon

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    CSS alllllll the way.

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    The main beach at CSS is larger than that of CTI. Plus there's SSB which has a larger AN beach area than Tower Isle. If you've been to CN then I'm sure you enjoy a picturesque sunset which you can find at CSS (they don't call it sunset beach for nothing). Because CTI faces north the only sunset is at the end of the pier. Neither beach, or water, is rocky. We hope this helps in making your decision and are sure you'll enjoy whichever of the Ocho Rios Couples Resorts you choose.

    Bart & Bug

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    I thought that the beach itself wasn't rocky at CTI, however just a few feet into the water, and I no longer wanted to walk barefoot....but that's just my opinion.

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