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    Default Everybody is somebody at The Couples Resorts...Hugs

    Thru out the past 15 plus years we have found out that at The Couples Resorts
    each guest is somebody special and not just a number.

    The Couples Resorts hosts the world's greatest guests.

    So we are looking forward to returning to CN in May.

    Hugs from Tommywommy and Peggyweggy

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    If everybody is somebody, then no ones anybody! Not a comment on the post, your title just reminded me of this line from a favourite old movie. (It's actually a Gilbert and Sullivan line) Thanks for the smile,!! And yes, everyone is a somebody at Couples, hopefully I'll be a somebody once again in October!
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    Awe....what a great photo of you two! Couples Resorts can't be beat! We are so looking forward to our return visit of many to CN in April. Enjoy always!!

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