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    Default Still EXCITED to return even after so many visits...Hugs

    My wife and I have been very blessed and have visited The Couples Resorts
    many times over the past 15 plus years and looking forward to each trip EXCITES
    us so much.

    We have met so many strangers,shared laughs,swapped stories,had a drink(or several)
    and turned so many of these wonderful guests into life long hugging friends.

    Now we are returning to CN this May..Each trip brings more excitement and the
    opportunity to meet even more strangers.

    CN..Couples Negril...The PREMIER and FLAGSHIP resort of The Couples Empire.

    Hugs from Tommywommy

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    It never gets old does it Tommy. The first trip was overwhelming, after that, they have all been fantastic. More fun, more friends, more love. My love to the Princess. Enjoy Enjoy

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    Totally agree with you Tommywommy. Except that you mistyped CSA! In fact, I think the only reason we have not crossed paths before is that you keep going to the wrong resort

    I think some folks get wrapped around the axel trying to recreate one specific nostalgic moment and forget that every vacation is a NEW vacation with new experiences. While I love reliving favorite moments (the first Red Stripe at the lounge in the airport, the first tray of dips at Seagrapes, hanging out at the beach bar during a brief afternoon shower, etc) I'm also there to make new memories so I try to embrace any changes.

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    Crabracer and jasoncassy...It's still a thrill to book our favorite Couples resort.

    Crabracer chooses CTI,jasoncassy chooses CSA and we choose CN.

    Cracracer(Richie) and I have met and are dear friends..Now I need to meet jasoncassy.

    But our love for The Couples Resort are special to each of us.

    CN..Couples Negril...May 20-25,2017.

    Hugs from Tommywommy

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    I totally agree with Tommywommy too! My husband and I will be returning to CN in April (next month). We do love CN!!! We have been to CSA, CSS and CN several times. I have to say....that CN does give us that special vibe. We love CSS too....if only a better beach.....but still heaven. CN is our favorite for certain!

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    Well,our next trip to Couples Negril is Saturday May 20,2017.
    Of course we are very excited as usual.

    Hugs from Tommywommy

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