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    Default Triple Digit Countdowns

    I couldn't find the old countdown thread so I'm starting a new one.. Who else is counting down from the triple digits?

    Booked this morning, and we have 435 days until we are on our way to paradise!!

    CN 2009, CSS 2013, CN 2014, CSS 2016, CTI 2018 soon come!!!

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    T139 for us.
    Jason (mbjnt) and Heather (hetoepfer82)
    Sans Souci 2016, (July 2017)

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    Hey BenandMiranda! Fancy meeting you (back) here! We too are in triple digits - 407 days for us - CN this time! Wish we were going to the same place, would love to hang out w/ you more. We still chuckle about the night you called out "Miss Bliss" before we sat down for dinner! Maybe next NEXT trip. Please let us know how you like CTI! I'll be counting down with you! Jennifer/MissBliss

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    Our countdown for CSA is 205 days.

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    We have 99 days to go, almost triple digits. Hope you have good time.

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    We have 90 days and 587 days to go!
    -Annaleis & Neil (Should be 1cat2dogs)

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    320 days until we come back to CN.

    Duane & Mary

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2cats1dog View Post
    We have 90 days and 587 days to go!
    I've watched all your walk-throughs of the resorts on YouTube! When I have to work late shifts I'll find videos from the resorts, let them play as Im working and daydream about being there! I enjoyed your guys' videos, still waiting on the CTI one

    92 Days to CSA for us btw. will be our honeymoon..

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    Hi Jennifer! I'm happy to hear we have your company with our long countdown! It is too bad we're not going to meet up for this next trip, it would be nice to get to know you better. But maybe next time!? Hope you love CN as much as we do. It's where Ben and I spent our honeymoon so it holds a special place in our hearts. We're already thinking ahead to 2019 too, and where to celebrate our 10th anniversary. I'll be curious to know how you enjoy CN! Let me know if you have any questions before you go! And I'll look forward to sharing with you about CTI, can't wait already!! Now only 434 more days!!!

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    T-191 days for our 3rd trip to CSA! Can't wait!

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    Miranda - we DEFINITELY need to keep in touch! I'd love to know more about CTI so I look forward to your updates next year. Happy 10th!! Jason and I will be celebrating 30 (OMG) years together while we're at CN in 2018. I cant wait and yes, I'd love to meet up with you guys one day so we can hang out a bit more. Feel free to reach out any time ( I would love to hear more about CN before we go. If you think of any MUST DO's or MUST SEE's, please send me a message! Happy Spring! #400days !

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    342 days. Works out to about 8211 hours. Not so bad since our count down started at about 680 days and over 16,000 hours. We haven't settled on which Couples yet, but are leaning towards one we haven't stayed at before. We won't actually book until early August. This is when they release the schedule for the direct flight between Milwaukee and Montego Bay.
    Jack and Kathy
    CSA 2007, 2010, and 2016. CTI 2012, 2014. CN 2016 (Trading Places only), 2018, 2020. 2023?

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    196 days until we are at CSS for our Honeymoon!

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    185 days to CN. Wishing we would have booked earlier this year, least we have a trip planned
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    326 days till CN and then 333 at CTI.
    We love doing split stays.


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