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    Default Honeymoon July 2017 Questions

    Well the time is drawing nearer only 113 days to go !!!! My wife (if all goes as planned lol ) and myself will be there for our honeymoon July 11th to July 21st and I have been spending alot of time probably more than I should at work reading and reading through all the posts about CSA, trying to find as much information as I can. I think I have found out all I can by searching through the forums so I will post a few questions that hopefully some kind soul will be gracious enough to enlighten me.

    1. I am a planner and am not a fan of just going with the flow. I don't want to have an itinerary for each day, however I would like to be able to plan things around the events at the resort. From what I gather the best bet is to wait till check-in and then be able to plan excursions as to make sure it doesn't overlap the special one night only things at the resort.

    2. She wants to do the dolphin thing, I am not a fan but don't want her to go alone obviously and was wondering if I am able to go without paying for it or do both of us have to pay for me to watch??

    3. I am an avid fisherman but haven't done any ocean fishing. I want to do some sort of fishing and keep some and have it prepared. I have seen pictures of lobsters and fish etc being cooked beachside is that from a vendor or part of some type of fishing thing they have there? I have read to see ELVIS by a palm tree for things like that. Has anyone done any fishing and been able to either have CSA cook it for them or the people they go with. Also should I post to try to get another couple for a fishing trip with my agent said in the past people have let the front desk know they want to fish and try to get another couple or couples that way as it is a little pricey to get a whole boat by yourself.

    4. I can't seem to find exact reports for bugs during July 11th - July 21st. I am a magnet for bugs whether it be mosquitoes or fleas. I have gotten tore up by sand fleas in the past and I don't want to be miserable for 3 days while I am there. Are the bugs a big issue during that time of year?

    5. The electrical outlets all I have found were that they were vertical rather than horizontal. Are they three pronged or two pronged?

    6. The safe in the room is it big enough to hold a tablet and a kindle? Can't seem to find a picture of the safes.

    7. The no-tipping policy. I like to tip and was wondering a good way to be able to tip the servers and bartenders? I see to bring makeup lotions OTC meds etc for housekeeping but what about the people you interact with everyday??

    8. My future wifey is a teacher and I think it would be fantastic to be able to help a local school in some way or another. I have seen that people pack a bunch of school supplies and hand out. I see that they offer an excursion that you pay for to take a trip to a local school. Is it possible to purchase school supplies there or is it not cost effective? Just worried we won't have enough room for supplies in our baggage and we would really like to do that.

    9. We like to drink wine. I am not a wine snob by any means but I do like my certain tastes. We will probably bring a bottle of our local stuff to share with couples we meet maybe and I was wondering if it is possible to get wine near the resort or I have seen people suggest buying some wine after arriving at the airport to get it duty free and bring it to the resort. Is that possible and if so is there any local wine there that is specific for that area?

    Sorry for the long post but I have been reading and reading and those are things left in my mind that I can't find exact answers for. Any help or info is appreciated and look forward to seeing you July 11th !!

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    At CSS, the power outlets were normal 3 prongs. Bugs (we went right after you end yours) were not an issue, but it's a new year. Safe, I could fit my laptop and cameras in the safe with no issues. No tipping policy is fairly strict. Thank you goes a long way and just tell them you appreciate the work they do. Wine was little bit better than table wine, but you can also buy higher end bottles. Now big part, number 1. I am a big planner myself. But be warned, you get off the plane in Jamaica with an itinerary in hand, the nation of Jamaica seems to try get you drunk. They go with the flow and really good at getting people relax. Now if you are doing dolphins, I would say plan that well. And if you have a private meal, that is planned ahead of time. But after our first night there, itinerary was no use until flying back (made life easier for planes and such). Most of the trips they do multiple times a week or nearly daily. Restaurants that you need reservations tend to not be hard to get. So those items are lot less stress than you would think. I don't always "go with the flow" and love having a plan. But I will admit, Couples is the first place and time I felt relax in such a long time, which is reason we are returning.

    OK, I have to admit, I've already started an itinerary for our trip in July this year. But I know there is a chance it will go out the window when I get there (maybe literally if my wife throws it out the window).
    Jason (mbjnt) and Heather (hetoepfer82)
    Sans Souci 2016, (July 2017)

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    Welcome! We honeymooned in CSA as well. 11 years and 3 (4 in a month!) visits later we are still going strong

    1. Definitely take the tour on the first day. The resort is spread out and you can easily miss things. That is when you can learn about all the activities and where they are.
    2. Can't help with that one.
    3. I've used Elvis in the past for waterskiing. He is legit, but don't be afraid to negotiate the price! There are many off-resort activities you can do that may off a "cook what you catch" option. I've never seen someone get their catch cooked at CSA but you can certainly ask if it is possible.
    4. I've been in June and the mosquitos were not bad. I've never been bothered by sand fleas either. Others here can give specific tips for that.
    5. I don't recall having an issue plugging in anything American.
    6. Yes, it will fit a kindle easily, even my old one! Something the size of an ipad should fit as well. They were about the size of any hotel safe in America.
    7. LEAVE A POSITIVE COMMENT! This is the number one way to give extra love to the staff! Remember their name and leave a written comment about how great they are. But if you want to bring stuff, small chocolates seem to be always appreciated. My wife likes to bring little scented things like soaps and candles as well.
    8. Bring the school supplies with you (so you will have room to bring stuff (aka rum and rum cream back with you! We bring markers/pencils, basic school kid activity books, etc.
    9. I don't think there are many local wineries in Jamaica (but there are some), but it is certainly possible to arrange a trip to a local alcohol store and see what they have available. You are not confined to the resort, just use common sense on where and when you go. The Couples staff will bend over backwards to accommodate you so I'm sure they can get anything you want if the wines on resort are not to your liking. I've never had an issue with the house wines myself, even at Feathers. Best thing is that you can taste them all for free!

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    Thanks for the answers ! I wish there was a way to fast-forward time a couple months 112 days is so far away...

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    1. Yes, do the tour of the property, you'll get a great perspective of everything that is available. The activity listing is posted at the top of this page.

    2. My daughter & sil did the dolphin thing. She did the swimming he just watched he had to pay something but not sure how much. They were kind of underwhelmed considering how much they had to spend.

    3. Not sure about fishing excursions. Yes Elvis can get you just about ANYTHING !

    4. Bugs generally only come out early in the morning and then again around sunset.They love my wife more than me apparently but she brings along the packaged repellent cloths and just hits her feet and ankles before we go out for our sunset drinks and she doesn't get bit too much.

    5. Standard US type outlets, I believe they have the third opening for the grounding prong.

    6. Others have answered on this. We have no problem putting in a kindle, large camera and still have plenty of room.

    7. See the Management Posting on tipping. The day or so before check-out you will get a suvery card about your stay. This is where you highlight any employee who has gone that extra step during your stay. We usually keep a small note pad in my wife's puse so if a waiter or waitress does a great job we jot their name down so we don't forget it later at check-out. Does that mean that nobody tips no, and we saw more of it our last trip. However, the employees already belong to a profit sharing plan and they risk losing their job if found to having accepted a tip. If you are going to leave small gifts for housekeeping make sure you attach a small note that it is a gift from you to them. Then they are allowed to take home.

    8. We bring supplies every year, normally just stuff we pick up at Dollar Store; not sure waiting to pick things up there most economical. Easiest way to turn them in is just to take them to the Concierge desk (where you sign up for Cat cruise (a must) and dinner sreservations for lemongrass and feathers. We take an off-site trip called the One Love Pub Crawl, a great afternoon but hit or miss if you visit a location with children present.

    9. Not sure about local wineries and someone can correct me I thought the only duty free shops at the airport were on the departure side of things not arrival. We are too laser focused on getting through Immigration and Customs and getting to the Couples lounge to notice anything else.

    Best of luck.

    Brad & Carla
    CSA 2012, 2014, 2015
    CN 2017 come soon

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    Regarding planning and itinerary....I am a planner. My first trip to Jamaica I had lists of things I wanted to do. I immediately found that there is something very true about Jamaican time and sand gravity. For me, the sand gravity hit me hard and I only left the resort one day to go shopping, but while shopping I missed the hatching of baby sea turtles! Now I only shop in the gift shop or in the airport as we are leaving.

    Another recommendation is to pack everything you think you might need and then unpack about half of that, LOL.
    CSS is our Couples resort of choice. Now, we do not plan anything and we only take about half of the clothes and shoes that we started out taking. We do not even plan anything while we are there ahead of time and we do not generally leave the resort....we just simply enjoy being there and let sand gravity take over.

    As for Jamaican time....just prepare yourself, nothing usually happens in a hurry. Remember to have patience and show respect.

    Tipping, please do not do it. The employees can be fired. Part of the cost of your resort actually goes to the employees. We had a resort manager explain their takes many, many people to run the resort and give us the vacations that we enjoy. However, we only see a few of those people. There are many "behind the scenes" that are working very hard, but since we do not see them, they do not always get the tips and recognition. So, a portion of your cost to go to a Couples resort also gets divided up so that everyone gets a "tip". Another small portion of your cost goes into the Issa Trust fund. That fund helps to support kids in the community, schools and medical care. Additionally, the resorts try to provide and be a "family" for their employees. In one example, an employee lost her home and all of her belongings in a hurricane...Couples helped her procure another home and personal items.

    Congrats on your wedding.....You are going to love Jamaica and Couples resorts!!!
    Gene and Jeanne
    CSS October 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017
    CSS/CTI October 2018

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    Elvis walks by Swept Away every day. You can't miss him. The fishing in Negril is not good, so... maybe rethink that one. Don't try and plan too much. Once you get there, "Sand gravity" will grab you, and things start to slow down! One thing you have to do is walk left, facing the water, check out all the things going on, on Long Bay. Swept Away can arrange a trip to a local school for you. We've done it and it was something cool. Lot's of smiles! As for the sand fleas, I am going to try a product I just got. It's called, "No-See-Um", all natural repellent. We'll see.

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    Good answers to your questions already. One thing I would add it about sand fleas.. Sand Fleas are mainly a problem if you walk on the sand after the sun goes down or when it is really cloudy sometimes. The sun keeps them burrowed deep during the day. We have found two ways to deal with them... either don't walk on the beach after dark .. or use a high strength deet or picardin repellent from the knees down if you are on the sand at night.
    Be sure to take a walk down the beach for some music, drinks, and lunch at least one day! If you turn right at the beach it's a short walk to Cosmos. If you turn left at the beach there are countless choices. We sometimes walk for miles to the left and stop at several places along the way and then grab a taxi back if we went too far. Dinner on the cliffs is also a great outing! Many of the nice restaurants will pick you up at CSA and transport you to your dinner reservation for free and then you pay the taxi back to the resort (settle on price before getting in the taxi). We love Rockhouse, Pushcart, and Ivans but there are other choices too.
    Have a great time and grats on your wedding!

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    Thanks for more input !! I am very worried about the sand fleas. I get tore up by fleas whenever I am around them and I am thinking that sand fleas will love my blood just as much as normal fleas and mosquitoes we have here in CA.

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