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    I am looking for a menu for the restaurants. Specifically CN. They used to be on the web site. is there a way to see the menu? I am looking for all the restaurants.
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    If you go to the top of the page, under our resorts, click the resort you want, CN and then go to dining, and restaurants and it has three options beside it, info and hours, 360 view and menu. Hope this helps.

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    cheri-greg-wv post on location does have sample menus. Like planning things very detail, I attempted use that. But honestly, when we were there, much of the menu seemed to change with seasonal foods. If you have food allergies or concerns, when you book, you can let the know of any allergies and they will take care of you. I have allergies with blue cheese, which they made sure my salads were changed to feta and things such at that (though ran into cross contamination on cheese platter at gala event, but can't control all the guests moving foods around.. should have thought. and luckily only contact so was only minor reaction). If worried on diet... luckily most of the food was good for that part. But heck.. the I failed with diet on desserts... lol. Hope that helps some. But really, if allergy concern, talk with them, with will work with you.
    Jason (mbjnt) and Heather (hetoepfer82)
    Sans Souci 2016, (July 2017)

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    What is the standard breakfast menu? Do they have an egg/omelet bar? Any chance of eggs Benedict?

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    At CSS it had almost everything. There was egg/omelet bar and many different breakfast options. Additionally the food rotated with choices. We were never let down from the breakfast or any meal. I love bacon, but they had the best sausages! My wife had eggs benedicts few times, while I did more omelets. And nothing is better than sipping on Jablum coffee in Jamaica while watching and listening to the ocean. Living in Colorado, best I can compare breakfast experience in Jamaica (we sat almost always outside) is to waking up in the morning while camping, getting out and brewing a fresh pot of coffee on a fire. It literally had the same self centering relaxing experience.

    Of course, could been I just love Jablum coffee... always have, just more common out there. lol
    Jason (mbjnt) and Heather (hetoepfer82)
    Sans Souci 2016, (July 2017)

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    Thank you mbjnt! We live in Colorado as well and know exactly what you are talking about!

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