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    me and my husband to be are going to CSW for our honeymoon - we are alittle worried about the dress code

    How strict is it - we enjoy getting dressed up but I am a lady who likes to wear - boots /jeggings, pants and tops - NOT dresses! lol

    My husband enjoys nice smart jeans and polo shirts, nice collared polo shirts

    Would this be ok here?


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    Not sure if you mean CSS or CSA - your outfits will be acceptable at most (if not all) of the restaurants. I believe that jeans are now acceptable at the restaurants that require long pants, closed toe shoes and collared shirts for the men. That being said, you are going to the tropics and full body clothing can get quite warm. Just something to consider.

    Enjoy your trip.

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    Not at Feathers, but everywhere else yes.

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    Also, the term dress jeans = slacks. My husband brings dockers. Real jeans would be too hot!
    It's funny you mention that you don't wear dresses. The only time I do is when we come back to Jamaica mon! It's easier when it comes to packing and coordinating other items. At least for me it is!

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    Btw, congrats on the wedding and honeymoon~

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    Welcome to Couples,

    You won't find the fashion police going around the resort telling you what to wear. About the only exception would be Lemon Grass or Feathers which are reservation only.

    The only thing that sounds more inapropriate to me about your clothing choices is the weather. It is going to be warm and humid, nearly any time of the year. This is a tropical paradise. Wear boots, leggings, or jeans and you will get too hot and sweat a lot. Even in the evening if you dress like that you will get pretty wilted, especially if you want to do any dancing. Dress too warm and move around even just a little bit and you can be covered in sweat. How nice is that going to look?

    Here is what we generally wear. In the morning we dress in our beach attire. Swimsuit, a cover up, and sandals for my wife and swimsuit, light shirt, and sandals for me. For breakfast or lunch at the Palms you can wear this without any problems. I will wear a hat on the beach but never inside any restaurant, tacky in my opinion.

    In general our evening attire would be a light blouse, dress shorts, and sandals for my wife and a light button down shirt with a collar, dress shorts, and some dress sandals for me. We will wear this for dinner and for the evening entertainment except for the restaurants that require a reservation.

    My wife doesn't like to wear a dress either. But we contacted Carrie before our last trip and she said what she wears on most other evenings could be worn at Feathers or Lemon Grass. What I wear to these restaurants is more my personal preference. These are classy restaurants and I try and show a little class. I will wear a nicer shirt than usual, dress pants, and dress shoes. I don't wear a tie but I have seen people wear them. After the dinner at one of the nicer restaurants I immediately go back to the room and change into my normal evening attire which is cooler. I may even be able to wear them again if needed since I am only wearing them for a couple of hours.

    Remember, these are just my personal opinions. Some friendly advice. Don't dress too trashy for a classy restaurant. You may feel more uncomfortable than if you wore a dress. But there won't be any fashion police going around telling you what you can and can't wear most of the time.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise.

    Returning in about a year. Not yet sure which Couples
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    No way could I wear boots, jeggings or jeans in Jamaica! Far too hot and humid.
    The a/c can be a bit cool in Feathers but getting there and back from your room wearing the above would be a challenge. Nice (loose and/or thin) pants or capris and a top are fine for you and your husband's polo shirts are also ok, but my husband wears chinos or linen pants to feel comfortable.

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    Not too sure what CSW is, however there is ongoing and lengthy discussion about dress code at the top of this page. Yes, dress code is in place for exclusive restaurants in all 4 resorts, thank you Couples for enforcing it! To be honest I am getting confused with all the nonsense with jeans, posters have mentioned smart, dressy, designers,etc. Tropical linen or cotton slacks and a collared shirt is not a major imposition for anyone.
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    Come from Colorado so nice and cooler climate, so most my stuff I own is long sleeves and jeans. And my wife owns next to no dresses. We bought some light cloths, couple pairs of shorts, light shirts, and couple dresses, and ran out! I wish I had more tropical button up shirts, ended up buying more at gift shop and washing them few times. My shorts were well used. I had a pair of jeans that I did not use at all. I did take a pair of slacks and these weird beach pants we found. Used slacks for fine dinners and beach pants for evenings to keep bugs off. Polo shirts will work at the restaurants. And my wife since she is tall normally does not wear dresses, wore them every day since it's hot there. As Dawn listed above, loose and light clothing. It is your friend. And depending which resort, you can always do the au naturel then your main concern is sunblock. Just have fun, don't get over heated, and enjoy Jamaica.
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    Yes denim IMO is too hot for Jamaica. Hubby wears Dockers type pants for Feathers. Think loose fitting clothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sapo View Post
    Tropical linen or cotton slacks and a collared shirt is not a major imposition for anyone.
    Hear, Hear!!!!

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    You will be hot! And boots will be heavy in your luggage and hot to wear.

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    I posted the message below concerning men's clothes in another discussion about dress code (each bold word is a hyperlink). I much prefer the pants I have to khakis while in Jamaica (much more comfortable).


    Here is how I dress in the "formal" settings (each clothing item is a link):

    Pants - it's like wearing pajama pants.

    Shoes - Crocs are light weight, comfortable, pajamas for your feet (I go with black to match the shirt below, contrast with white pants)

    Shirt - I have a solid black that I like a lot and a few floral ones, but you can get as crazy and colorful as you feel comfortable

    In my opinion, the look is good, it complies with resort requirements, the clothing is light & comfortable and reasonably priced (to me). I have been wearing the same stuff (give or take) for 10+ Couples trips, so I think I have gotten pretty good value. One tip is to bring one of those Tide stain remover pens. I invariably drip red wine on my white pants and the pen works really well...I have removed the stain and worn the same pants again on the same trip.

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