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    Default best rooms close to AU Beach

    My husband and I will be staying at couples in May. We would like to be able to walk out of our room onto the AU section/beach.
    I believe this to be building or block 9, am I correct? and if so, what rooms/categories do you all prefer? thanks for the tips!

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    What resort??

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    No rooms directly abut the AN beach at CN. Building 9 is the closest but you still will have to walk a short ways "covered up" to get to the AN beach. Building 9 has Beachfront Suites, Garden Suites, Deluxe Ocean Rooms and Beachfront rooms. That being said, those categories are in other buildings as well. Thus there is no guarantee that you will be in building 9 by picking one of those categories.

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    I am assuming you are talking about Couples Negril since you mention Block 9. Yes, that is the closest, but Block 6 is almost as close. There are four room types in Block 9 and two in Block 6. Both have Beachfront Suites at the ocean end of the building. It looks like the rest of the rooms in Block 6 are Deluxe Beachfront rooms (it is angled for a better view than Block 9) while Block 9 also has some of those (from one in from the end to about 40% down the building). Next in Block 9 are Deluxe Ocean rooms and then at the far end from the beach are a set of Garden Suites.

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    sorry, couples Negril.

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    We always get building 9 at CN it is the closest plus I think it is the best building for the Sun in the Am

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    With that said is it close enough to get out of bed and walk to the an beach

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    So how was your trip. We are planning a trip to Jamaica soon. Never been there, but love the tropics. Which resort did you stay, and were you pleased?

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    We stayed at Couple Sans Souci and loved it! Nothing to complain about except the weather but being at SSB the whole time, it didn't matter if we got wet. Spent quality time in the hot tub with 20 of our closest naked friends!!

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