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    Default Effects of Royalton on Negril AN Beach

    Would like to hear from couple who had a recent visit to the Negril AN beach. Did you feel that the experience has changed as a result of the Royalton next door?

    We were there two years ago and loved it. We are contemplating a late April 2017 visit, but are are a bit apprehensive about the 'new' resort and it's effects on the AN beach.

    All input would be appreciated.

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    We were just there at the end of January. Royalton isn't finished but it would not deter me from going to the AN beach. With more people walking the beach, if they don't like seeing me in the buff, who cares. I'm not there to please them, I'm there to relax and enjoy myself. Let them close their eyes while walking past the AN section if it's such a bother.

    One Love,
    Duane & Mary

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