Hey, everyone:

I was home last night thinking about mixing myself a drink, and I got to longing for our vacation. (We've only been back two weeks, but it seems much longer than that.) What I really wanted was a Paradise that was one of the daily specials at CSS. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember what was in it. For those who haven't been there, each day they have a drink special such as "Paradise," "Discovery," etc. which are by and large, fantastic.

Is it possible for anyone who is at CSS now, or who was there recently who took pictures of the drink specials to post those pictures? Alternatively, if someone has just written down the title and what was in each drink, that information would also be helpful. I know it doesn't include measurements, but just knowing what to put in them would really help a lot.

Here's hoping someone can help me have a different tropical drink each day. If begging works, I'm open to that, too.

Thanks so much for any help. Hope to see you at CSS soon!