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    Default Couples App

    Download it. It's really cool.

    Life is good

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    I agree! It would be great if you could request your mini-bar options and request room service from the app also! Save the paper from having to hang it on your door knob!

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    love it!

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    At first it appears to be an extension of the website, but once you get into it it's actually very informative and meant to be used while on resort . Once you click into the specific resort you're staying at, you can pull up the Activity list for day and night . It gives you the ability to contact the desk, concierge, housekeeping etc. Nothing better than sitting by the pool and remembering you're out of toilet paper (or toothbpaste, rum, soap et al) and you can hit them up on the app to fix said issue. Haha

    I can definitely say I will be using this when I am on property . Nice work couples resorts.

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