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    Default CSA activities for first timers

    We will be traveling to CSA for the first time in June and I am so excited. I am overwhelmed with the options available for activities. I have already determined that the cat cruise and snorkeling are a must, but I am wondering what other activities are a must. Specifically if the shopping tour, the trip to the sunset bar, and the glass bottom boat are recommended. I certainly don't want to try to fit in so many things it's not relaxing, but I don't want to miss out any of the must do activities and I hope to pick the best of them. We are active and will likely take advantage of playing tennis, paddle boarding, etc. I am also interested if anyone has any experience with the golf course that is included. I see mixed reviews and information on how much it actually costs when you go to golf...just wondering if it's worth it. Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Welcome to the Couples family!! CSA is a great resort! We've been there several times but have not done the shopping tour from that resort. They bring vendors to the resort so it seems, to us, pointless to go on the shopping trip where it can be stressful with high-pressure sales. We also haven't done the excursion to Rick's or the Sunset Bar as we've heard it's "touristy". The glass bottom boat is good...but snorkeling is better. Be sure to bring a roll, or two, from breakfast with you as this will help you make friends with the fishes. We're sure others will give you an "inside scoop" on the shopping trip, Sunset Bar and Rick's. Some other "must do" items at the resort include the Piano Bar with Ultimate Chocolate, experiencing some awesome massages, walks on the beach and the catamaran cruise. A really unique experience, for those that attend church, is taking the shuttle on Sunday morning to worship Jamaican style. Most importantly, have fun getting to know the people of Jamaica. They are what make the stay so awesome!!

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    Congrats on selecting Couples! You will have an amazing vacation. We have only been to Swept Away twice, but will also be going back in June. If you are very active and feel the need to try several different activities by all means do! But Couples is a lovers paradise so remember to spend time relaxing with your significant other.. We love the catamaran cruise and will most likely always do it when we visit couples. Snorkeling was fun and I think we will try the glass bottom boat this time.

    Take in some of the dinner shows at the Palms, get to know the staff, try new food and drinks. We have learned not to plan anything until we arrive, then let things unfold as they may. There are no specific must do activities, learning (and embracing) the Jamaican culture and focusing on your partner is the best advice I can give you.

    Maybe pick a few activities that stand out to you both, but see how hard the sand gravity hits you and go from there.

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    While Rick's Cafe is touristy, I believe you cannot go to Negril and not visit Rick's at least once. A taxi will cost you $15 pp round trip. Just go for a couple of beers and a sunset. Maybe 2 hours. It's a world famous bar.

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    I played golf one time on the first trip I made. It was OK. Municipal quality golf course. Had fun with the caddy and overall it was an enjoyable day. Never went back in 5 subsequent trips though. Would rather soak up as much beach time as possible. It all depends on your golf-a-holic level.

    Same was true of the shopping trip. Enjoyed checking out Negril the first time but we never went again as you can find a lot of the same souvenirs while walking the beach or in the airport on the way back home. It's all about maximizing beach time. Once you go you will know.

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    Sure, Rick's is touristy but very unique. We liked it better before the hurricane wiped it out years ago but it is still an interesting place. The cliff divers and the beautiful sunsets. Your taxi driver will wait for you.

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    We would say for first timers don't overbook with activities, space things out so you have time to relax and just enjoy your time together. By the end of that first trip you know you'll be back for more. On what you had listed yes to Cat cruise, snorkeling and Glass bottom boat. The cat cruise goes by rick's and stops for a bit to watch some divers. We've never felt the need to go there as a separate trip and spend money on over priced drinks and so-so food for a sunset that looks the same from the CSA beach. For shopping just take a left when you get to the CSA beach, plenty of little shops and booths there and you can go back to the resort whenever you want.

    Brad & Carla
    CSA 2012, 2014, 2015

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    Instead of doing Rick's, we did the One Love Pub Crawl. We had a great time at 6 or 8 small, local-type bars on the cliffs. The last of which offered an amazing sunset. The Crawl is free. Just buy your drinks and tip Lenbert at the end.

    Bruce and Kelli
    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    CN 2006, 2008; CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CSA 2014; JRB 2015; CSS 2017

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