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    Default Anniversaries at CSS

    Does Couples do anything special if you celebrate an anniversary on or around the time you're at the resort? Do we have to let them know ahead of time/provide marriage cert etc?

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    Yes, they will make your anniversary special. We usually let them know before we arrive, during the booking process or when doing the pre-check-in for Romance Rewards. We also make note of it when we check in (there's a place on the check-in form to annotate celebrating a special event (i.e. birthday or anniversary)).

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    I have celebrated 2 anniversaries at CSA and nothing special was done for them. I noted at pre-check in and on the registration paperwork. NO worries though. Maybe this year. All is good!

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    You can always purchase a romance package or a private dinner for your anniversary. That's what we always do and love it!

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