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    Default Advice on the "private" dive boat cruise at CN

    We are considering taking the dive boat out one afternoon for the "private" cruise at CN. Would love to hear what you liked about it, didn't like, and how much is cost to go.

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    My husband and I took the private boat cruise last January at Couples Negril. We had two great water sports staff as our driver and guide for the afternoon- we learned a lot about Negril and saw much more than we could've seen from the resort. We enjoyed the private setting and likely wouldn't ever have done the regular cat cruise (not super social vacationers!). Tons of food and beverages were brought on board for us and we had a great time. I believe it cost around $300 but we had resort credits for the bulk of the cost.

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    We booked a private sunset cruise at CSA and ABSOLUTELY loved it. We too are not a couple to do the "free" booze cruise - not our thing. I think we paid about $300 too and some snacks & drinks of our choice was brought on board. We were told we could do whatever we wanted (snorkel, swim, take photos, lounge on the boat, etc). Though our cruise was at CSA, we will DEFINITELY book a private cruise when we visit CN next year. Incidentally, we booked a private cruise at CSS and did not feel it was worth it (the team was not as attentive, it was a speed boat not a leisurely dive boat, all full speed, hardly any sight seeing time, etc). Sorry I added some add'l info you didn't need, but for anyone else reading, it could help. Best of luck, I hope you book the private cruise and I hope you love it! If you do, please respond back w/ your thoughts and experience if you don't mind. Enjoy paradise!

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    I would highly recommend it. It is a very relaxing trip. the guys from the dive hut who run it are great. We have done it the past two years and saw some wonderful sunsets going towards the western edge of the island. This year we are going to travel east and see what we can see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenni View Post
    This year we are going to travel east and see what we can see.
    We asked to go east (north actually) in December. Jovane told us that there really isn't anything to see. But we headed that direction just to get a look at those condos on the north edge of Bloody Bay, then headed south. It was great.

    Note: the private cruise is usually NOT the dive boat, so I wouldn't count on that.

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