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    Returning 'home' again to CN this April but for the first time my wife will need to avoid anything with gluten having been diagnosed as a coeliac (or celiac for those on the other side of the pond). I think I remember there being gluten free bread out at the lunch time buffets but tbh we never paid any attention - so how easy will it be to avoid gluten in the restaurants ?
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    Ok I guess the message board is called 'ask' with no promise of an answer so as it has been looked at a fair number of times I'll fill the gap based on our experiences.

    They say around 1% of the population are coeliac/celiac but the current popularity of 'gluten free' food is perhaps driven by those who think it might be healthy for them to avoid gluten. The latter are not really that helpful to the former as actively choosing things without gluten as an ingredient is different to having to avoid anything with gluten or with the risk of contamination from being produced in the same place as gluten containing products. For example not just looking to see if there is wheat on the ingredient list but looking for it not to be produced in a factory where e.g wheat flour is being used or not to be fried in a fryer that has fried anything with a batter or crumb.

    So to the ever wonderful CN

    Often the chefs and the servers were fantastic and helpful but sometimes we were not sure what was being asked about was understood. The lychee had a very short separate GF menu but other menus were a matter of guesswork and question and answer. It would have been better if the written menus all had either GF for gluten free or G for gluten against all menu items on all menus.

    The buffet menu boards had gluten free chalked up on some items but it was all pretty much guess work and for example gluten free for boiled veg did not add much to the equation! At breakfast the gluten free bread was fabulous but at risk of crumbs from the other bread and various tongs being used beside it and the toaster with bread crumbs galore was a no go near area. On one morning there was none left which when you it's the only have one you can have is disappointing. The sweets and desserts put out buffet style caused my wife to stare at them with a wistful expression in her eyes but generally another no go area.

    Cocktail finger food was unfortunately a risk that landed a punch but the veggie bar was good and Otaheite was its wonderful self!!!

    We do not expect CN to be a Coeliac person's paradise as it need to cater for the majority (and who in their right minds would choose to avoid gluten in their diet) and to that extent it lived up to our expectations but we hope that next year the benefit of the fad for gluten free food might feed through into the CN food and improve things for coeliacs.

    Ps after 2 weeks in the sun we are not currently of the pale peelywally complexion
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    Thanks for posting. I recently discovered that I need to eat gluten free. It has been interesting.
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