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    Can anyone provide details on the room renovations that have been done? Are all rooms updated or only certain levels/types of rooms?

    I'm looking to book a trip in the near future and we have stayed on the newer/South side "Verandah" rooms in the past. However, I believe I read that most of the renovations were on the Atrium suites and similar, so debating booking one of those rooms as a change. The hammock on the balcony would be nice and relaxing for sure.


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    I believe we saw some atriums were being updated in October and also some of the gvs on the older side. We stayed on the newer side gvs which was lovely.

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    They are in the process of renovating the atrium rooms. It is a long and detailed process and not all of them have been renovated. We were there over New Years and our atrium hadn't been renovated. Hope this helps.

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    Have any of the BFVS rooms been updated? Anyone with pictures would be appreciated!

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