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    Default Calender of Rates

    Can anyone tell me where I could find a calendar with nightly rates? I'm sure I've found/used this before but I cannot seem to find one. Thank you!

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    Unfortunately Couples removed the rate calendar with the last website update. Only option now is to do plug in various dates and see what the rates are. Not very efficient and from what I'm told, it can lock you out of the search engine. You may just want to call the 1-800 number and ask them.

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    They got rid of it for some reason.

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    The old rate calendar no longer exists. However if you go on the main Couples website and click "Check Availability" on the upper right hand side of the screen you can play around in the booking section without actually booking the trip. Not as convenient as the old calendar but it works.

    I usually figure it without airfare as we usually use a Travel Agent to book our trips to Couples.
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    I wish they would bring back the rate calendar. That was something that was small and yet so nice and made me like them so much better than other resorts websites.
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