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    Quote Originally Posted by Triumph View Post
    Is there any "smoking" areas in Memphis? Our direct flight got changed to a layover in Memphis (both coming and going) Not a huge set back especially if there is a smoking area.
    ....I did a quick "Google" of "Memphis Airport Smoking" and got the Answer below;

    Smoking is allowed in Maggie O-Shea's (in Terminal B before security) and in the Blue Note Cafe (in the A/B passenger connector).

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    Quote Originally Posted by razzldazzlme View Post
    Thank you all for this information exchange! This is all great info about the Memphis AP. We'll look forward to grabbing some quick BBQ, if possible. Weirdly enough, this will be our 1st trip to JA w/o being on a charter flight(flying from Milwaukee or Chicago), so it's a little adventure for us. 4 weeks from right now, we'll be either in the air or moving through the Memphis AP switching planes and then arriving in MoBay, heading home to CSA. Happpy dance! Happy Halloween everyone! Razzl
    4 weeks from today?

    We are headed back on Nov 29th... we will see ya there I guess.

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